Managing Symptoms and Side Effects with Your NutriBullet

Managing Symptoms and Side Effects with Your NutriBullet

This is an area in which the NutriBullet has shown to be a valuable resource. I was involved in a discussion today with a group of friends (of course, all of whom own a NutriBullet), and the topic was how the NutriBullet has helped one of them to control the symptoms of a chronic health condition. I know that if I had owned a NutriBullet during my cancer ordeal, handling the symptoms of the cancer and the side effects from the all of the medications would have made me feel stronger and more comfortable. This discussion got me thinking about how it doesn’t matter if it's the common cold or a cancer diagnosis, illnesses and medications come with a number of symptoms and the side effects and many of these can be controlled.

Understanding symptom and side effect management is very important. In fact, not dealing with it proactively can actually make a situation worse because it adds even more stress and discomfort to an ailing body. If you can manage them, chances are you'll feel better and stronger and be able to handle the diagnosis and treatment more effectively and comfortably for whatever you're dealing with.

The first step is to get educated about the symptoms and side effects involved with any diagnosis and/or medications. This will allow you the opportunity to research and take the steps necessary to alleviate them. Don’t be shy about asking your doctor how something may affect you, even if it something that you consider minor. It’s all about taking control over your body and feeling as best as possible, no matter what the situation.

For example, if you get the flu, you know one of the symptoms is going to be a loss of appetite. Not keeping nourished may lead to additional weakness and prolong the healing process. We have a tendency to just go with the flow and accept the situation.

When I feel nauseous, I make a NutriBlast that contains ginger. If I feel tired and weak, I make a high protein drink. If I feel a cold coming on, I prepare a NutriBlast with ingredients high in Vitamin C; it’s that simple! Owning a NutriBullet can be much more than just making sure that you are getting in your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, reducing inflammation and losing weight. I hope that you join me and my friends by taking advantage of all of the benefits this little powerhouse of a machine has to offer!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by Stefon
January 24, 2016
i'M 50 year's old, last year i found out i have Cervical Ccancer,I'm currently doing Chemotherapy,I feel nauseous and shakey.
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