Marathon Training 101: Sports and Superfoods

Marathon Training 101: Sports and Superfoods

One of the most discussed topics of sports nutrition continues to be supplementation. Superfoods and supplements can enhance performance and may give you that added boost you need to feel great during those last couple of miles on race day.

Want to know more about the best athletic performance-enhancing superfoods? Here are my top 2!


When decreasing the amount of animal proteins in the diet, getting good sources of vegetarian proteins (amino acids) can be challenging. Spirulina contains a variety of amino acids and has been shown to enhance athletic performance. In a recent study, spirulina was given to athletes running at a moderate to high intensity until exhaustion. Blood samples were taken and results showed less glycogen stores had been used, muscle damage decreased, and post-workout inflammation and fatigue decreased.


Often termed the warrior root, maca has been historically used for energy and endurance. Unlike coffee and cacao beans, maca offers a boost of energy without any added caffeine. Using a teaspoon of maca can provide the body with a variety of B vitamins, which play a huge role in increasing energy. It's also high in calcium and magnesium, which can help support healthy bones. Make sure to experiment with foods before race day! Maca can affect individuals in different ways. If you notice any adverse reactions (elevated heart rate, breakouts, inability to sleep), discontinue using maca.

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