Marathon Training 101: The Best Way to Taper

Marathon Training 101: The Best Way to Taper

During the tapering phase of marathon training, people can get a little nutty! It’s all that anxiety, nervousness, and those feelings of not knowing what to do with yourself because you aren't running as much. In an effort to contain the madness, here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts to keep in mind during this time in your marathon training.

DON’T decide to go on a juice cleanse and drink celery water for 3 days or do some crazy radical detox and eat only pistachios and bananas for a week.

DO continue to eat as you have been. Blast daily and focus on getting clean, balanced, consistent meals every day.

DON’T start carbo-loading. This has been scientifically proven to have NO positive effect on race-day performance.

DO focus on eating protein and good fats. Tapering is all about recovering and getting your body completely healed and rested for the big day. Protein and fats play a big part in this phase!

DON’T decide to take advantage of the reduced running and enjoy those alcoholic beverages until late in the evening.

DO consider abstaining from alcohol from now until race day. Alcohol will only detract from your performance. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And be sure to get plenty of rest. Sleep is SO important for both recovery and preparation, so don’t skimp on it now!

DON’T eat the way you were eating when training was at its peak.

DO listen to your body. Before reaching for that snack or that handful of raisins you always ate before your run, check in with yourself. Are you really hungry? Or are you eating that out of habit?

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know and be sure to browse our other marathon training articles for more information.

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