Moving from SAD to RAD

Moving from SAD to RAD

Americans continue to ask, “Where’s the beef?”

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), total consumption of meat and dairy is projected to increase “substantially” by 2050. Despite abundant health research advocating meat’s demotion to only a supporting role on your plate, demand continues to rise and may eventually outpace supply. Proposed options to deal with this dilemma include more efficient, ramped-up production of animal protein which will place stress on our existing resources (think factory farming) or easy-to-implement dietary modifications such as transitioning to more plant-based foods.

Those who already shun meat may not be off the hook just yet. The other nail in the coffin: processed, packaged foods. No country has bought into the commercialized, pre-packaged foods as much as the United States. Packaged foods constitute 31 percent more of our total daily intake than fresh food. Frozen pizzas, microwave dinners and bags of chips and cookies place a heavy burden on the health of many Americans.

The number one, most impactful change you can make today is to forgo anything that was made or produced in a factory (food processing factory as well as factory farm). Once you master this step and desire to gain greater health benefits, I suggest consulting this chart to guide you from SAD to RADiant health.

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