My Best Break-Up Ever

My Best Break-Up Ever

Normally, a break-up is a sad event, but today, after a three year relationship, my oncologist told me that she was breaking up with me and never wants to see me again. I have never been happier to hear those words in my life!

My oncologist is the person who determined my treatment course after being diagnosed with cancer, who monitored my recovery from chemotherapy and also ordered all of my follow up testing and scans. Today, she informed me that she believes I have fully recovered from cancer and that my prognosis looked great, and to continue my anti-cancer lifestyle, which of course involves using my NutriBullet on a daily basis.

After a gigantic sigh of relief and wave of happiness passed through me, I started to think about all of the things I'm grateful for that got me to this point in my recovery. I know for a fact that the NutriBullet has played a significant role in not only my healing process, but in contributing to my success in living a healthier lifestyle. I admit that I might be a little more obsessed with the NutriBullet than some people, but it’s only because it has helped me in so many ways. Unless you have been through a life-changing illness, you cannot imagine how amazing it feels to have something easy to use that makes you feel better and stronger.

Even as I shared my good news with family and friends, I received comments about how lucky I was to have found my way to the NutriBullet because they have watched my progress since I began using it. I'm not saying the NutriBullet cured my cancer - but it did help me gain back my strength and build my immune system. My blood tests are proof that what I'm doing is working.

The NutriBullet has assisted me in transitioning to my anti-cancer diet, which involves eating a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts. My before-cancer diet involved eating mostly red meat, processed food, cupcakes and diet soft drinks. I use my NutriBullet to get the most out of the super foods best known to prevent cancer. Not only does this make me feel great physically, but the feeling of control over my health is priceless.

Thanks again, NutriBullet for providing a life-changing product and for the daily informative health-related topics on your websites!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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