My Favorite Smoothies for Healthy Weight Loss

My Favorite Smoothies for Healthy Weight Loss

I suddenly gained weight when a recent back injury made it difficult for me to exercise regularly. Although I tried to eat as healthy as possible, the lack of physical activity took a toll on my body. At first, I convinced myself that my clothes must have shrunk in the laundry machine, but eventually, I had to accept the fact that the extra weight went straight to my stomach, thighs, and hips.

A few months later, I was able to start gradually exercising again. I wanted to lose the weight quickly in the safest and healthiest way possible, so I went back to drinking two smoothies a day with the help of my NutriBullet. When I first started using the NutriBullet, I lost 5 pounds in the first week without having to make drastic changes to my eating habits. That made me confident that I could drop the extra pounds by continuing to use my NutriBullet.

While I won’t deprive myself of foods that I enjoy, I found that drinking two healthy, low sugar smoothies a day eliminated my cravings for foods with a lot of sugar and salt. I’d begin each day with a large cup of hot water and lemon to detox and wake me up in the morning. Then, two hours after my breakfast, I would drink a green smoothie.

My two favorite smoothie recipes for weight loss that I used are the Beautifully Slim Smoothie, which is low in calories and packed with nutrient-rich vegetables, and the Healthy Snack Smoothie, a filling and energizing afternoon snack. Along with a balanced diet and exercise, the influx of healthy fruits and veggies helped me lose weight and feel great.

Instead of replacing meals, I simply drank them in between my meals in place of other, less healthful snacks. I didn’t have to put in too much effort in the kitchen, but I’d change things up and try different greens in my smoothies.

By sticking to healthy habits and drinking two smoothies a day, I was able to lose weight quickly, easily, and—most importantly—safely!

- Shari Pack

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Comment by JohnL68878
February 04, 2019
Thank you for recommending the recipes. I can't wait to try them out. Looks delicious! I cam across this smoothie diet recently and wasn't too sure if I should try it out. Would love to get your thoughts on it.
NutriLiving McKenzie Jones on February 07, 2019
Hi and thank you for your question! Since we're not affiliated or familiar with this program or diet, we're not able to speak to it. But, we do hope you enjoy creating some smoothies at home!
Hi! I started using this diet a few days ago and started to pay !! I do not like shakes, but since this diet has a much healthier lifestyle and I've lost much weight.
Thanks Sounds so delicious!!! I'm going to try these healthy snack shakes.
Hey, Thank you so such for such lovely post. There is no need to get an expensive diet program or take any weight loss pills. A very healthy way I have found on which is the perfect solution to your health problem.
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