My Health: Before and After

My Health: Before and After

Miracles do happen; I’m living proof! But sometimes people have to make a little effort before the miracle comes to pass. My health pre-NutriBullet: Always sick with the flu or a cold, diagnosed with Thyroiditis, Ulcerative Colitis and Cancer within a 2 year period.

Before using the NutriBullet this is an example of my daily diet:

Breakfast: Bagel with butter, 2 eggs and 3 pieces of turkey bacon

Snack: Cookies or a bag of pretzels and sometimes, yes, even a donut!

Lunch: 2 pieces of cheese pizza and a salad or,

Cheeseburger and a salad

Afternoon snack: Bag of popcorn

Dinner: Chicken, turkey or pasta with bread, or

White rice or baked potatoe with everything on it

Dessert: Cookies or frozen yogurt

After I began using the NutriBullet and following the program one year ago, here is an example of my daily food intake:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg white and vegetable omelet using olive oil to cook

Snack: NutriBlast consisting of (example of usual blast): Spinach, kale, celery, cilantro, basil, grapes, Gogi berries blueberries, walnuts and chia seeds.

Lunch: Vegetable salad with olive oil based dressing

Snack: Hummus and gluten free crackers and vegetables

Dinner: Chicken or Turkey with brown rice and salad or:

Vegetable salad and a yam.

Dessert: If I feel like a dessert, I will make a dessert blast: Cacao nibs, ½ banana, unsweetened shredded coconut, almonds and coconut water or milk.

My health now: Haven’t had a cold or the flu since beginning using the NutriBullet. My Ulcerative Colitis is in remission. I fought through the cancer and now feeling confident about eating for cancer prevention.

My miracle: Before the NutriBullet came into my life, I never ate vegetables and I lived off of processed, pre-packaged foods and sugar. Now I consume only fresh and organic vegetables, fruits and nuts. For those of you who know me, this truly is a miracle! What a difference this has made in my life.

Thank you NutriBullet for laying the foundation and providing the easiest tools for me to make these necessary changes in my diet. I’ve never felt better!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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