Need Home Remedies? Use your NutriBullet!

Need Home Remedies? Use your NutriBullet!

I was raised by a Norwegian farm girl who had a home remedy for just about every ailment. Sadly, I ignored her remedies for most of my life until I got cancer. Somehow, serious illness has a way of making a person more open to alternative methods for treating medical problems and symptoms. I have to tell you that I now feel very strongly about using food as medicine since I have had a lot of success with this way of life over the past couple of years.

Since I began using the NutriBullet over two years ago, I have gone back to the basics with food and discovered many recipes that treat a variety of symptoms. I love to share these recipes with my friends and family. In fact, they have created many of their own home remedies.

Since the whole cancer ordeal, I have spent many hours researching foods and supplements that have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. I then combine these ingredients in my NutriBullet so that I can get the most out of these foods.

Even with certain supplements, instead of taking them in capsule form, I have either used the powder form or have actually broken up the dissolvable vegetarian capsule into my NutriBlasts.

So what are the benefits I have experienced? Well, for starters, I was able to detox very quickly from all of the medications and chemotherapy. As a result, I started to feel better and more energetic almost immediately. My hair grew back rapidly and my weight stabilized. When it came to treating ailments or other symptoms, I used the NutriBullet as my resource for consuming ingredients high in Vitamins C to combat the effects of a cold or turmeric to help with inflammation-based symptoms and illnesses.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients! I will admit that I have made some scary looking green sludgy drinks, but I just kept going until I found the right consistency and taste. Whatever your home remedies, utilize your NutriBullet to get help make sure you receive the maximum benefit from all your ingredients.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Interesting! But why didn't you include any recipes to help others? Pity..
Comment by chalabrooks
February 17, 2014
May I ask what was your smoothie for the cancer and detox? My husband has cancer and I feel this could help him a great deal. Thank you in advance.
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