No More Gluten!

No More Gluten!

I have gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Though I have been gluten-free for years, I have recently begun to avoid all grains, including corn and rice. Nut flours and nuts are quite popular at my house.

The NutriBullet is a fabulous way to jam pack all nature’s goodness and health benefits into one powerful drink. I am new to NutriBullet and very excited to taste the limitless variety of smoothies that can be crafted in this powerful machine!

Thanks for the most creative way to get healthy!

P.S. My husband and daughter are hooked! Can’t wait for our check-ups!

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Comment by aparham
January 07, 2015
I became totally grain free last April because of Hashimoto Thyroiditis! I have lost 58 pounds since then! Just got my NutribulletRx for Christmas and am enjoying lots more healthy meals! Hope to continue to lose a few more pounds!
Comment by Joanne
April 08, 2013
Hi there I'm new here day one down:)! Yeah. Need inspiration stories to keep me going anyone have some weight loss success stories to aware I want to be healthier have a very tricky thyroid take meds but need constant tweaking. I find it hard to lose so bought the nutribullet and filled my cupboard and fridge full of fruit and veg and literally putting my money where my mouth is:)!!! So I'm listening and am here waiting to hear how it worked for you
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