NutriBullet University Healthy at Home Contest

NutriBullet University Healthy at Home Contest

Want to teach your kids the importance of healthy eating? It's never been easier with NutriBullet University.

Find out how to introduce fruits, vegetables, and kid-friendly superfoods to your little one with guided support, recipes, how-to's, and more!

And, for a limited time, you could enter to win our new NutriBullet University PRO, which includes a NutriBullet PRO unit and Fueling the Future, a book highlighting program essentials and a collection of recipes that will have your children eating healthier than ever before!

To enter, submit a comment, status, Tweet, or creative photo to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter telling us how you hope to achieve healthy habits at home with the help of NBU.

Include hashtags #NutriBulletUni and #NutriBulletInspired — three winners will be selected between now and March 27, 2016 and announced in April 2016.

Don't wait! Get started now and we'll show you just how easy healthy living can be.

Click here for contest rules.

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Comment by chef223
March 27, 2016
#NutriBulletUni and #NutriBulletInspired Just posted a comment on your facebook page!
#Nutribulletuni and #Nutribulletinspired would help me plan healthy food for my family!
I plan to use this to incorporate lots of fresh fruits and veggie drinks that are easy for to grab on the go! And also to help the kids get their essentials easier. #NutriBulletUni #NutriBulletInspired
Comment by rmcarlson
March 25, 2016
Winning this I would be able to incorporate more fruit into my diet. Woo Hoo #NutriBulletUni #NutriBulletInspired
Comment by conteast
March 25, 2016
I posted a comment but can't find it so I am putting another just in case. The following link is where I entered on Twitter. The NutriBullet will make eating and creating things easier for twin teens that are starting to watch what they are eating. They would be able to make fruit and veggie smoothies with ease and it can be fun for them as well.
Comment by kit4410
March 25, 2016
#NutriBulletUni #NutriBulletInspired How I hope to achieve healthy habits at home with the help of NBU is by being able to make quick, healthy drinks for myself and my kids. Having a nutribullet would make that so much easier!
Would love to have one!!! I tweeted here:
I am hooked with my NutriBullet! #NutriBulletUni and #NutriBulletInspired
Comment by chranglee
March 24, 2016
#NutriBulletUni and #NutriBulletInspired We are trying to eat better include more veggies and fruit in our diet and walk more
#NutriBulletUni #NutriBulletInspired A NutriBullet would help keep me eating the right foods in a way I enjoy.
Comment by barbc824
March 23, 2016
I would love to teach my grandchildren better nutrition habits and I am sure that this would help a great deal. Thanks! #NutriBulletUni #NutriBulletInspired
Comment by megstar
March 23, 2016
I'm shopping the local farmers markets for the freshest fruits and veggies for my family's smoothies!
i would give up soda and drink fresh smoothies instead
Comment by Madden77
March 23, 2016
I would like to learn new recipes from NBU to help with Cholesterol.
Comment by tom58
March 23, 2016
i would make smoothies with my fresh fruit and veggies
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