On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Thank you so much for the NutriBullet; it has changed my life!

My husband and I are over the road truck drivers. We're team drivers and are gone from home for up to six weeks at a time.

This past summer, I stayed home while he ran equipment for a concert tour. My goal was to finally find a way to eat healthily and lose some weight. I've also suffered from severe IBS since childhood. I would take Imodium every day, and I had tried all the probiotic meds available without any relief.

As you can imagine, having IBS on an 18-wheeler is difficult. We could be in the middle of nowhere for hundreds of miles. It affected my ability to drive, and I would go without eating because of the lack of facilities. I was planning on telling my husband when he returned home that I could no longer do it because of my IBS.

Well, what can I say? We have both lost a noticeable amount of weight and my IBS is completely gone! I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is and what freedom it has given back to me. I missed out on so many family functions because of my symptoms. I told my husband that my life consisted of nothing but worrying about my symptoms; I was constantly dehydrated from the many trips to the bathroom, and I couldn’t lose weight because of my irregular eating schedule.

My friends and family have all noticed how the NutriBullet has changed my life, and seven of them have bought one of their own. I just ordered two more to give my daughters for Christmas, and I need to buy one more for the truck.

Thanks so much for giving me back the freedom to keep working out here and delivering America’s goods!

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congrats on the new road life!! Hope you get your road bullet! MY ex husband is a trucker and he might even benefit from this as a I know a truckers diet is not always healthy (but you DO get a great variety of different foods and know which states have the best this or that types of (spanish or pizza italian etc ) foods * Let us know how the bullet is on the road and if it works out!
Comment by ellsee
June 08, 2014
So happy for you! Please say what blasts you used to help with ibs? Thanks & continued good health.
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