Opting Out of America’s System of Illness and Disease

Opting Out of America’s System of Illness and Disease

Recently, we celebrated the Forth of July, remembering and honoring our forefathers and the courage and sacrifices they gave to make America a free nation. Today, I hopefully will entice you to fight for your independence from the bondage of disease and illness that is at an all-time high in our country. As a NutriBullet owner, you have the keys to your health, freedom and independence!

If you are eating the Standard American Diet, the odds are great that your health is going to suffer. At some point, you will become enslaved to the system - the processed food, medical and drug system. It is designed to take your money and keep you dependent.

Without wellness (a state of optimal health), what freedom do you have? Can you hike for 4 miles? Could you walk to the top of the Empire State building? Could you play and walk 18 holes of golf? How about ride a bicycle for 20 miles? Or, the most joyous of all, play baseball, soccer or basketball with your children or grandchildren without losing your breath? To me, this is freedom.

In 2006, I began a quest for independence from morbid obesity. I weighed 450 pounds and had diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, urticaria, rosacea, fatigue and lymphedema. I was like most Americans -- addicted to America's engineered foods, which kept me enslaved. I was given prescriptions and told to come back in the next three months for more tests and prescriptions. This had been going on for years and it wasn't anything new because all of my friends and family were in the same system. It's what every American expects. As we get older, we expect our quality of life to suffer, and we expect to need medications for almost everything.

How did it get this way?

Our government subsidizes processed, refined and engineered foods, making them cheap for Americans to buy – foods that are designed to be addicting and unhealthy. Our government provides little to no subsidies for healthy foods. Shocking, isn't it? Food companies hire neuroscientists to test addictive food chemicals, seeing which ignite particular responses in your brain. When you’re addicted, they’ve ensured a lifelong customer.

These engineered foods are nutritionally bankrupt and contain toxic, illness-promoting ingredients. Since our bodies need nutrition to function and heal, over time, we begin to feel the effects of slowly losing our health. When you visit the doctor, he mentions a new drug to help combat your failing health. The doctor rarely educates you in order to reverse the condition or eliminate the problem, since he or she is focused on diminishing the symptoms.

As time goes by, you develop more conditions and need more medications. In a few years, you develop more serious health conditions. Now you need even more medications, periodic scans and tests.

Healthy food may have been the cheap way out, but, now, you’re stuck in the system paying for medical bills, medications and health insurance. In the end, it’s the cheap food that’s more expensive than you could have ever imagined.

OPT OUT of the system

You have the opportunity to opt out of this system.

How? It's a very complicated situation, but the solution is very simple! Stop buying engineered foods that are full of chemicals and start buying whole, natural foods that grow straight from the ground. Get physically active. The more nutrition you feed your body and the fewer toxic chemicals you eat, the healthier your body will become. I am living proof, as are millions of other Americans who have earned and won their health independence back.

America's Standard Diet is the unhealthiest diet on our planet and is a major cause of disease and illness in our great nation. It has enslaved more than 70 percent of America's population through illness and disease, forcing us to spend our hard earned money on unnecessary drugs and medical visits.

Please start planning on your exit from the system. They won’t notice when one person opts out and takes their health into their own hands, but if we all take the pledge to become healthier individuals, our voices will be impossible not to hear.

Even media outlets are starting to tell the real story about our food choices as they relate to our health.

Please join me in this wellness revolution and have real food for your next meal and move more. If you do, and continue choosing real foods, you will be free of the system in no time! Crank up that NutriBullet every day to access your health freedom.

Certified Nutritional Consultant

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August 26, 2015
Go, Wally! Thanks for this inspiration!
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