Orange You Glad You Discovered Citrus?

Orange You Glad You Discovered Citrus?

The last time I blogged, I was obsessed with Persian cucumbers. This time? It's all about the citrus fruits, baby! In my time getting to know and love my Nutribullet, I’ve had a blast (Get it? Nutri-Blast? Ah, how I love puns!) trying all sorts of ingredients. For some strange reason, I’ve never really tried citrus fruits in my smoothies. Oranges always seemed like too big of a pain to peel and I just assumed the sour fruits like lemon and lime would be too tart for my taste buds. But making the Immunity Mix has changed all that.

Made with spinach, orange, lemon, lime, ginger, sea salt and organic raw honey, it’s pretty much good-for-you heaven. Yes, it is a little tart, but the fact that you’re putting a whole orange — rind and all — in there, plus half of a lemon and half of a lime (again, with rind) is just darn amazing. And I’ll take a bit of tartness to know that I’m getting an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in my morning cup, thank you very much.

Have any of you tried the Immunity Mix yet? With cold season sneaking up on us this fall, I highly recommend you do!

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