Positive Outlook and Self-Image

Positive Outlook and Self-Image

From my teens to my forties, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I looked in the mirror and felt good about myself. It’s pretty basic; when you don't have a positive self image, you tend to become negative and get stuck in a cycle of complacency. I’ve watched reality make-over shows and have felt sad for the people involved because it was all about making them feel beautiful on the outside, but my opinion has changed a little regarding this subject. I’ve come to understand that sometimes, feeling better about how we look can be the perfect motivation for improving ourselves inside.

While I was undergoing cancer treatment, which can make a person feel even more self-conscious about their appearance, I realized that if I made an effort to not look so sickly, it could have a positive effect and help change my attitude about getting through the treatment. So for every day of my cancer journey, I got dressed, slapped on a wig, and did my makeup. I'm no super model, but doing this gave me confidence and improved my self image, which in turn made me feel positive and hopeful. Then I became excited about making a commitment to work on my internal health.

Now, I realize this is probably the opposite of how you’re supposed to go about self improvement and a therapist might suggest that a person work on their inner self first and that then everything else falls into place. Well, doing just the opposite is what worked for me.

When I began using the NutriBullet, I was a little concerned over my ability to stick with the program since commitment to anything is really not a strength of mine. Once I began to feel the benefits and actually see the results of a healthier diet, it encouraged me to continue with my efforts to achieve my health goals. We're definitely a visual society, responding more to outwardly results than anything else.

Obviously, for those of us who have purchased a NutriBullet, we've taken an important step in improving our diet and overall health. This happens over a period of time and you do need to make a commitment to meet your goals. I know that my family and friends who have benefited the most from the Nutribullet have been the ones who didn’t just use it once and complain that it didn’t help. They use it every day and as they begin to look and feel better about themselves, this motivates them to continue making positive changes when it comes to their eating habits.

So I am happy to report that consistent use of the NutriBullet has shown to produce tangible results for me and my loved ones. I guess this is why it is becoming a new way of life for so many users.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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