Providing Better Nutrition to a Cancer Survivor

Providing Better Nutrition to a Cancer Survivor

I'm a NutriBlast smoothie disciple for the rest of my life! I'm a Cancer Survivor and doctors young and old have stressed the importance of using food as medicine. The matter at hand called for a total change of my life through proper nutrition.

After studying the various forms of 'Cancer Fighting Foods,' I found that the NutriBullet system provided the proper way to get that food into my body along with any vitamins I needed to ensure that the cancer-fighting foods would help me. Today, I use the recipes in the NutriBullet books to prevent and reverse various forms of cancer, using the extremely powerful machine to turn these foods into super energy foods.

Because of the many wonderful and proven recipes that help various aliments, everyone in each of my families will be receiving a NutriBullet machine for Christmas.

Thank you for extending my life, or at least making it worth living once again!

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December 29, 2013
no beo ninguna receta para la presion alta ..alguien save?
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