Quick Recovery for a Happy Mother

Quick Recovery for a Happy Mother

I am a 35-year-old mother of four. I had my last daughter only 7 weeks ago. Ten days after having her, I had a stroke. This was only the beginning of my medical troubles. I've also had a heart attack, renal failure, and a brain aneurysm repaired, all in the last two months. I ordered the NutriBullet from my bed in the hospital. I honestly believe that your product has helped me recover more quickly. I drink two NutriBlasts a day and convinced my overweight 11-year-old daughter to drink one a day also.

I am now at my pre-baby weight and feel so much better. My health problems are getting better faster than my physicians can even believe. I know in my heart that it is because of the better nutrition I'm feeding my body thanks to the NutriBullet. From near death to feeling as good as I do today, I thank you from the bottom of my quickly recovering heart.

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Hi. That's my picture. I find it hard to believe that was me only a short 5 months ago. I am now running everyday. Training for a mini-marathon. Back to work already. Am truly blessed!
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