Rachel Gets Over Her Life-Long Battle with Migraines

Even keeping her eyes open worsened Rachel's migraines. She had trouble sleeping and felt sluggish throughout the day. Now, she says she feels better than ever thanks to the NutriBullet!
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Here is a link with a good recipe! http://www.nutriliving.com/articles/goodbye-migraines#comment-3729
Not sure what specific recipe she is using but here are some foods you can use in your Blast to help decrease migraines and headaches. Fresh ginger and foods high in magnesium (pumpkin seeds, spinach, swiss chard, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews). Some people find help with the herb feverfew: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/feverfew which can be found at a health food store. Certain foods have been found to potentially be a trigger for migraines, make sure these foods are eliminated from your diet. These include chocolate, citrus fruits, dairy, MSG, aged cheese, alcohol (especially red wine) and sugar substitutes (aspartame). You can add one at a time back slowly to see if they truly are connected with your migraines.
Comment by Erica-2
July 25, 2013
I have the same question? @ Mariposita I use to have bad migrane but since I stared to juice I have less bad days, keep juicing :)
Reply by Nlseli
September 04, 2015
Can you please tell me what you put into your blast? I get anywhere from 10 to 15 migraines a month. Thank you,
What recipe is Rachel using to get rid of her migraines? I suffer from terrible migraines 5 -12 days out of the month and would love to try the recipe that has brought her such relief. Thanks.
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