Receiving the Best Diagnosis

Receiving the Best Diagnosis

When the immune system breaks down, it's no secret that the effects can be devastating. I realize that I must sound like a hot mess, but in a period of just 9 months, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Cancer. For two years, I spent countless hours and days in doctor offices and hospitals. I had become the perfect example of someone who suffered from a compromised immune system. So I dealt with the cancer and the UC at the same time, which was quite the challenge. As I put the cancer behind me, I made the decision and commitment to incorporate healthier foods into my diet. Well, that’s not easy when you have UC, because most vegetables and fruits are very difficult to digest.

My Gastroenterologist informed me that there is no cure for UC and that I needed to “accept” my diagnosis and the fact that my diet would not include most vegetables and fruit, and he placed me on a medication that cost $235 per month, after insurance. I was horrified because it was (and still is) extremely important that I eat a plant-based diet because of my cancer history.

I knew that the only way I could meet my health goals was by liquefying these ingredients and began using the NutriBullet at least once a day. My doctor supported the decision and observed my progress over the past year. As my symptoms of the UC began to disappear, my doctor decided to take a chance and place me on the lowest dosage of medication so I was able to start on a generic $10-a-month UC medication and get rid of the expensive option.

Well, just this week I received the best news from my Gastroenterologist. I underwent a Colonoscopy for the first time since I began using my NutriBullet. My doctor met me with this tremendous smile in the recovery room and he informed me that there are only minimal traces of the UC and that it is in full remission. He told me not to change a thing because what I'm doing is obviously working! Even though I knew in my heart that I was on the road to recovery from both the cancer and UC, it was incredibly wonderful to hear my doctor give me a glowing diagnosis.

I cannot undo 49 years of unhealthy choices when it came to my diet, but I have made changes that put me on the right path. Now that I have proven results from my efforts, I will never go back to my poor eating habits and thanks to the NutriBullet, I do not have to worry about how to consume my fruits and vegetables.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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