Regaining My Life Post-Cancer

Regaining My Life Post-Cancer

It has been nearly two years since I was diagnosed with cancer and I’m just now starting to consider myself a Cancer Survivor. After being diagnosed, I did whatever was necessary to not only save my life, but to get healthy so that I could live a long and productive life. When I came upon the opportunity to try the NutriBullet, I was desperately seeking the right tool to build my strength back up from the surgeries and to help me detox from chemotherapy. I also wanted to build my immune system up to prevent future illness.

After being involved with the infomercial for the NutriBullet, I have periodically updated fellow Blasters on my progress. Since it’s been a while since I have discussed my personal results, I would like share where I am today and hope that anyone who may be reading this who has been diagnosed with a life-changing illness can know that there is hope. You can change not only how you feel, you can add years to your life by making simple adjustments in what and how you eat.

The NutriBullet, the guide, and the Natural Healing Foods Book not only provided me with all of the information and tools that I needed to make dietary changes, they provided me with a sense of hope and control over my destiny, something that I didn’t have after being diagnosed with cancer. What I also found encouraging was how quickly I recovered after undergoing 2 surgeries and 5 months of chemotherapy; the rapid hair growth was an added bonus!

Only weeks after beginning the NutriBullet program, my head was covered in new hair growth, my skin no longer looked gray, my weight stabilized and I felt amazingly energetic.

As of today, I can honestly say that I have never felt this good in my life. My diet now consists of vegetables, fruit, nuts and protein. I no longer have the desire to consume anything else.

I can’t imagine a day without my NutriBullet. It comes with me wherever I go. My hair grew back at such an extraordinary rate that I went back to my pre-chemotherapy length in less than a year! The NutriBullet and of course, that all important bottle of peroxide, has made me feel like myself again.

Many of my friends and family now own a NutriBullet. It is exciting for me to watch how the simple act of extracting fruits and vegetables has helped so many other people reach their goals.

I am truly grateful to the NutriBullet people for providing me with the opportunity to take part in something so special. While the past two years have been challenging, I honestly believe that my recovery was accelerated due to the changes I made in my diet and in following the Nutribullet program.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by tracyjoe3
February 17, 2015
Hey Shari, that is a great story. I hope to have one as well. I recently was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had 2/3 of stomach removed. Some dear friends of mine gave me a Nutribullet as a gift knowing it would come in handy. I'm so overwhelmed with all of the recipes and where I need to start. How do you keep all of the ingredients on hand?
NutriLiving Shari Pack on April 03, 2015
Tracy, great question. I try and keep on hand organic frozen fruits and veggies so that I never run out. I realize that sometimes it is difficult to have the fresh ingredients on hand. I also keep a good supply of raw nuts to add as my boosts. Please keep me posted on your recovery. The NutriBullet was absolutely an important part of my recovery from the treatment.
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