Relieving that Crippling Monthly Pain

Relieving that Crippling Monthly Pain

I finally purchased the NutriBullet after watching the infomercial for almost six months, and it has been the best investment I've ever made. I'm 44 years old, and ever since I started my cycle at the ripe old age of 13, I have always had extremely painful periods with heavy bleeding. Over the past few years, my period has been so unbearable that I was considering having surgery because I thought that I had fibroids. My symptoms consisted of not only the heavy bleeding, but terrible cramping, nausea, headaches, lower back pain and horrible mood swings. I felt like the girl from The Exorcist the five days I was on my period, and if I drank anything cold, the pain would be excruciating. Going out was not an option and my life during these five days were put on hold because I didn’t know if I would have an “accident” or just not feel well.

All of that changed when I got my NutriBullet. I received my Nutribullet in October 2012, about three weeks before my cycle started. However, I didn’t purchase the NutriBullet for that purpose. I wanted to have better health and find a way to drink my nutrients instead of taking a pill for my type 2 diabetes. The side effect was how great I felt on my period!

The first day of my cycle was normal with the usual pains and discomfort. But on my third day, I realized that my cycle was not very heavy at all. The real kicker was waking up at my usual 3:00 am ready to take a pain reliever and feeling no cramping, pain, nothing! The last two days of my period was as if I didn’t have it, and I actually forgot that I was still on because my mood was great - no headaches, back pain, or staying in the house. I felt great!

The next month, I didn’t even know it was here because I had no cramping, back pain, or any of the normal painful symptoms I have had over the past 30 years! I was able to go out and enjoy myself and not feel the normal pains of having my cycle affect my entire life.

This month, I noticed that I was in so much pain the day my cycle was to start because my lower back was killing me like I never felt before. The difference this month? I went an entire week without one of my NutriBullet drinks and felt the effects immediately. The good thing about the NutriBullet program? Once, I felt that pain, I dragged myself to the store for my ingredients and made up a batch to drink that morning and throughout the day. Within one day, I had no more cramps and back pain, and I was able to function as I had the previous months when I was drinking my NutriBullet green drinks religiously.

I was so excited about my results from my monthly cycle each month that I forgot to tell you that some of the other results I've been having. They are as follows:

  • Lost 10 lbs without exercise
  • Lost five inches around my stomach
  • No joint pain! For those of you who have old injuries like me and you have pain in the area from time to time, all of that is gone!

I love my NutriBullet and I have not stopped eating my favorites, but I just use the 80/20 rule, in which I make sure that I eat right 80 percent of the time. I get to enjoy my sweets and good food, but I just don’t make it my main staple food.

I hope this helps you as it continues to help me!

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Comment by Davis939
August 26, 2015
We all would like for you guys to share the recipes that help you to achieve this relief monthly.
Nice success story! It is always admirable to choose a natural method for preventing from menstrual cramps rather than going for pills. As consuming pills without doctors prescription can be harmful for health. This natural method will be helpful for many women who are suffering from menstrual pains.
Comment by pl8monie
February 27, 2015
CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS: Hello, can someone in the NutriLiving Customer Service Dept. please tell me how I can email the lady that posted this success story? I would like to know which Recipe she used. Thank you.
Comment by Gabbyg56
July 21, 2014
For those asking about Menstrual Cramps relief, you might look into the super food Cacao, which you will find on this website. This super food is rich in magnesium, which is a mineral that helps with muscle cramping, as it is a relaxant. Magnesium is one of those important minerals, that is probably really missing in our diets today. Read about Cacao, which is what Chocolate comes from, on this website.
Comment by omo
May 15, 2014
Can you post the recipe you used please?
Comment by cp2357
May 16, 2013
Hey ,,, omg i go through the same thing but worst, back pain lower and upper back cycle twice a month some times on going for months and the mood swings are horrible etc. i new to the bullet . i not sure what to try yet ,, need suggestions please . thanks Jennifer.
This is amazing, since having my nutri-bullet I have experienced the same benefits with my period. I no longer have back pain, headaches, fatigue, and I barely have cramping anymore and my mood is better. I have been blasting every morning for six months and I have never felt better!!!
That sounds so inspiring, I could use help in that area as well!! Keep up the great work!! :)
Comment by Tmom4
March 05, 2013
I would also like to know what you are using for your blast! Thanks Neca
Comment by anaylor01
February 12, 2013
That's awesome!! Im hoping for a bit if relief in that dept. too!! Hope to see better days ahead!!
Comment by mep5422
January 31, 2013
Please let me know what you are using in your recipe. My daughter has severe cramps every month and I would love for her to get these results. My email address is Thank you.
Comment by Pauline77
January 25, 2013
Could you please say what you are putting in your recipes to get these results. I have bought both of my daughters a nutri bullet but they are still having severe cramping and headaches.
Comment by Loide2013
January 22, 2013
Hello, Jennifer I had the exact same thing, unbelievable cramps, headache..everything exactly the way you described, except that I was getting mine twice a month and lasting as long as 2 weeks (the past year). I was getting up at least twice during the night to change. I had to go get a waterproof pad for my bed. I was a total lunatic, my moods swings were awful! I had to be in bed for the first 3 days of my cycle. I've had no insurance and couldn't afford to go see a doctor. This is my 3rd week on NB and I got my period last week and its a MIRACLE!! I hardly had any of the symptoms at all, just a bit of cramps. It was light and only lasted about 6 days. I'm totally amazed by this. Thanks for sharing, I thought I was the only one. Good luck and continue with it. Much blessings, -Loide
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