Scott Battles Inflammation and Weight

When Scott realized he weighed almost 300 pounds, he decided it was time for a change. He began making smoothies and soon lost almost 40 pounds and reduced his inflammation.

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Comment by tmill38
September 20, 2015
People with crohn's or uc deal with inflammation . Crohn's patients deal with inflammation anywhere from the mouth to the bum hole. UC is the intestinal track and colon (I could be wrong on that as I have crohn's. ) My small intestine and colon is inflammed. I also have osteoarthritis, suffer severe migraines, and venous insufficiency. I am thinking about trying this see if this helps me feel better all around. I am hoping for less stomach pain, less joint pain and less migraines. Maybe more energy. This came into thinking after suffering a migraine for 14 days now. But I after check finances first.
Comment by Jaycip67
December 08, 2014
When they talk about using oranges, likes and lemons. Do you peel them or use the rinds also?
Comment by laurajames26
December 02, 2014
My blade attachment leaks into the main chamber so I havent been able to use it. Any suggestions on how to stop this? If not, I need a replacement for my Nutri Bullet .
Reply by michangel
April 25, 2015
That happened to me. If you got the warranty , they will ship you out a new extractor blade and if you tell them your base is full of dried food( like mine was) you will get a new base also. No charge!
Its not only overweight people consuming processed foods that are dealing with inflammation, there are many people that look healthy but are eating junk food. Inflammation is a process that can not be assessed on the outside of the body, but happens within. Stress is a huge trigger for inflammation as well and this can cause certain people not to eat. We can all benefit from cleaning up the diet and decreasing inflammation.
Comment by LadyBarber
December 09, 2013
Being overweight- one can EXPECT inflammation...they are two sides of the same coin. Just think about it: WHAT foods do overweight people eat? I would hazard a guess that 80-90%of those "foods" are not foods but rather some processed thing we have been conditioned to call "food' such as "fast Food" . Just because one puts it into their mouth, chews and swallows -even if it "tastes good" - does not make it food... Does it have real sustenance?
Comment by mpedrosa52
September 17, 2013
It's great that you have redesigned the blade so now it does what you've been advertising it does for several years!! When I first bought my nutribullet last year, I called and complained that it didn't pulverize the seeds like the TV infomercial says ... so why do I have to pay now for a new blade to do what it failed to do as advertised??!!
Comment by tambers
September 03, 2013
That is great! Congratulations!
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