The Secret to a Delicious (and Healthy) Holiday Party

The Secret to a Delicious (and Healthy) Holiday Party

Fall is here and evening fire-pit gatherings are calling!

Food is the focal point of every party and, unfortunately, the food they have is not always the healthiest. And each time, you have to stop and ask yourself, what should I eat? Should I bring something? What if no one else eats it? Do I even have time to make anything?

I say, branch out and be bold! With more than 85 percent of the population facing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer at one point or another, there is no reason why you can't find your favorite NutriBullet recipe and take something you would enjoy, just for the health of it!

At a recent party I went to, a couple of people brought store-bought coleslaw and potato salad, made with high-fat commercial mayo, lots of sugar, and who knows what else! Another brought a loaf of white bread and bologna, a tomato and a jar of pickles; there were chips of all types and 2-liter bottles of soda, a box of assorted pastries, too many processed crackers, and cans, and tubs of dips to recall. It was a processed table full of sickness just waiting to be scarfed down. That stuff sat there and stared at me while everyone else bustled around it with no hesitation!

What did I bring? I brought a bag of seedless grapes, a box of strawberries, a bunch of bananas, and a tub of vanilla yogurt and gluten-free granola along with bottled water and a jug of fresh-brewed tea made from a mixture of black, orange spice and ginger tea bags.

They looked at my food with such confusion! I didn’t say anything at all. They thought what they brought was food and I thought mine was and there was an obvious division of tastes.

It was clear to me that they made no connection between the stuff they put in their mouths and the direct correlation to the pain and suffering they talked about at the party - heart disease, shortness of breath, even cancer. I wanted to pull out my NutriBullet and make Blasts with a few added essential oils right there at the table!

No matter what gathering you're attending, a junior high baseball game, a church gathering, a school fund-raiser, a work meeting, always make nutrition count for everyone there. Don’t underestimate the number of individuals who will be glad you took a moment to do more than pick up preservative-filled donuts, fried foods, or cheap imitation food.

For the next party, I'm going to cook my vegetables in broth and take the whole pot. I will have my NutriBullets with me and those who want pureed soup can have it and those who want big chunks of vegetables can have that, too. There will be homemade gluten-free cornbread on the side and fresh home-brewed tea that they can flavor with several options: peach, pomegranate, mint. This way, they don’t feel the need to add artificial sweeteners to their tea or water. I'll take a big bag full of diced cucumber, lemon, and strawberry and put it in a huge glass dispenser with water for everyone to drink! The colorful, ice-filled glass container of water is very attractive and there are not enough carbohydrates in it to cause any sort of problems.

And doesn't that all sound delicious?

Good luck, as you boldly bring the world into a healthier realm with your NutriBullet and the amazing fresh produce that goes along so well with it!

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

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