Simple Ways to Change Your Health

Simple Ways to Change Your Health

Has your health been going downhill? Do you want to change that? Hopefully, you want better health with a higher quality of life. I see people everyday that want better health, but are just not willing to make the change. Having better health is not difficult, It does require you to make a few changes, though.

As we go through life we hit health challenges of all sorts. For some, it's specific disease or illness like heart disease or cancer. For others, it's obesity and obesity-related health issues, such a diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even arthritis. Even still, it may be hormonal, thyroidal or anxiety-related issues.

As NutriBullet users, you have a big health advantage! Blasting helps turn whole foods into an easily absorbable form of nutrients that prevents putting too much strain on your digestive system.

So why do most of us get sick? There is no easy answer, but lets look at a couple of things. Roughly 10% of Americans' diet meets minimal dietary requirements. Over 80% of Americans are suffering from preventable health issues.

There are a few common threads most of us share:

  1. We are all prone to genetic health tendencies, both good and bad. We are born with certain genetic potential.
  2. We have all been exposed to thousands of pounds of excitotoxins (external toxins in our environment).
  3. Growing up, most us have been eating body polluters and not as many body cleansers.
  4. Most Americans are nutrient bankrupt, leaving the body without enough materials to heal, repair, or even function adequately. This severely affects our immune function.

In general, these are the causes of our terrible health as a nation. There is only one solution: eat nutritiously and exercise in adequate amounts!

So how do we fix these issues? Our diet and lifestyle must change. We must start eating real foods that heal and cleanse our bodies. We must move more to force our bodies to build fitness and literally pump toxic waste out of our bodies. Our diet must be rich in veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and very limited select grains. Grains can be a problem for many people, so we must be selective and not eat them as often.

What has science has proven? A diet rich in a variety of colorful foods provides the body with:

  • DNA repairing potential
  • A much higher number of cancer killing cells
  • Slower aging
  • A higher functioning immune system
  • A reduction in chronic inflammation
  • Support for normal blood sugar levels
  • Support for healthier blood fat levels
  • A substantial reduction in risk of heart disease
  • A reduction in stomach, intestinal and colon cancer
  • Flexible and healthier blood vessels
  • Healthier digestion
  • Healthier brain function
  • Better bone health
  • Enhanced liver function (much better detoxing ability)
  • Better eye health
  • Weight loss
  • A leaner body
  • More energy
  • Better joint and muscle flexibility
  • Reduction in risk of stroke

To maximize your health, include every color of the food rainbow every day in your meals and in your NutriBlast! For example, I make a large Blast with coconut water, carrots, avocado, chard, broccoli, red bell pepper, cucumber, cantaloupe, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cayenne, rice bran, blue berries, dark cherries, and a splash of Braggs apple cidar vinegar, sweetened with raw honey and stevia. This is a powerfully rejuvenating NutriBlast! You can divide this in half for two portions if needed.

If you want better health, eat real foods, move more, relax more often, and drink plenty of pure water. It can’t be simpler!

Healthy Wishes

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Comment by MargyG
October 26, 2015
Your blast sounds wonderful. Could I get the recipe from you for the proportions of ingredients? Thanks Margaret Goodrich
My question is - How do you get all those ingredients into the Nutribullet at one time? If you only use a portion e.g. a half of apple or pear how do you keep it from turning brown? I'm having a real problem when it comes to figuring out how much to use.
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