Social Networking with the NutriBullet

Social Networking with the NutriBullet

When I began the Nutribullet program, I never imagined that at this stage in my life I would make new friends. My goal was to feel better and get healthy. This goal was met with an added bonus: a great network of people with a similar goal and a mutual appreciation for the NutriBullet.

I was fortunate enough to share my amazing results and experiences with NutriBullet in their infomercial. What really impressed me initially is that the people whom I came in contact with associated with the NutriBullet were just as excited as I was about the benefits of using it. They all used it and felt great too! This was very encouraging to me.

After the infomercial began airing and the NutriBullet Facebook page and blog went live, I became active in both and enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the excitement of those who were starting to use their NutriBullet or who were expecting it to arrive. Then, I was touched by the number of people who found me on Facebook and contacted me with their well wishes or shared with me their goals and experiences.

The Facebook page and blog site has been a great place for people to discuss their recipes, ask questions and share their results. Now that there is a Dietian on board, it’s like having our own personal nutritionist…for free!

Whether it is making new friends, sharing your experiences, or looking for recipes, I highly recommend keeping current on the Facebook page and/or blogs. I know that I have made some great contacts and the information on these sites has proven to be invaluable.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by MHRO
January 06, 2014
I received a NutriBullet for CHristmas and am just getting started. Can I use frozen fruit or vegetables if the fresh is unavailable?
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