Staying Strong Through Chemotherapy

Staying Strong Through Chemotherapy

My name is Cindy and my husband and I wanted to share our story. My husband saw the commercial for the NutriBullet and had to order it. I believe back in February (2013) he purchased it. He wanted to lose weight and get his cholesterol down. He did do both and loved the drinks.

Then in May I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, our world was turned upside down. So I started making drinks that had all the cancer-fighting fruits and nutrition in them. I had to keep my immune system up. I've had two surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy. Still drinking my drinks through all of this and I haven't lost a pound. I did lose my hair, but that was expected. I firmly believe these drinks helped me stay healthy and not sick through chemo. If I could let everyone that is going through cancer or chemo know about the NutriBullet, I would do it. If you put the right stuff in your body, you will really feel the difference.

-Cindy M.

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Hello, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February I've got the nutribullet, but I need recipies for nutriblasts during Chemotherapy if you can share the cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables
This article has great tips and suggestions that can help give you some pointers and ideas:
Comment by slwinch67
September 16, 2014
What is the ingredients that you use. I'm a cancer patient, I'VE been on chemotherapy for five years. I need to gain weight. I lost 50 pounds. Stanley
Comment by mma2014
June 06, 2014
That's awesome! I just got my nutribullet and it has been so much fun. Although I don't have anything wrong with me health wise I still like to be in the know with treatments. One of the ones that fascinated me was The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson. She uses nothing but organic foods to treat patients who were sent home to get the "affairs in order"...weeks into the therapy their cancer is disappearing. Absolutely worth looking into for anyone battling cancer. And the nutribullet fits right in....enjoy!
Comment by Saxy06
January 27, 2014
Recently I found out my uncle has cancer. He's a retired firefighter. He goes through his chemotherapy as well. My mother & I make sure he's eating healthy and the doctors are amazed. They call him miracle man. So we are happy to hear that. Thank you so much for posting this article. Your story is very inspirational & God bless you Mrs. Cindy
Comment by lynngreene
January 11, 2014
Hi. I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2013. I just finished up my chemo on 11-20-13. I am now on the quest to better health. Can you please share what super foods you are drinking? I have been drinking some juices, but I'm getting super serious this new year. I am 33 years old, a wife and mother to 3 little girls all under 5, so I have a lot to live for.
Comment by Sandell
January 08, 2014
Cheers to you beautiful Cindy, as I just now had my Nutri- Drink... I too believe these drinks helped pull you thru those chemo treatments..with positive thinking, you're good.. HUGGS Sandell
Happy New Year! I hope all is well. My Nutribullet just arrived and your post and happy picture are very inspiring. To Your Health, Elizabeth
Comment by ronald hamby
December 16, 2013
I strongly believe eating fresh veggies and fruits nothing else will put cancer in remission, just eating whole foods, foods that are alive, will help you, I think all that therapy is progressing cancer not getting rid of it, I watched a movie that got me stired up, called fat sick and nearly dead, everybody needs to see it, it will give encouragement, I just started, my juice diet, I already no, last time I went a month and lost 50 pounds in a little over a month, and felt lots better, stay strong and believe, you are more than a conqueror.
Foods that are high in antioxidants are great for repairing a weakened body. Try including foods like kale, berries, hemp seeds, broccoli, oranges, nuts, spinach, turmeric and ginger to help aid with digestion. These are just some nutrient dense foods but all fruits and veggies have antioxidants in them. Play around with what foods you like and find the recipe that works best for you and your wife.
Comment by KimbleYancy
December 09, 2013
Awesome story! May you continue to be blessed during your illness!
Comment by olivero
December 08, 2013
I just got the nutribulet, My wife has had two rounds of chemo, Her white cell were too low she has spent days in the hospital after each chemo. what are your favorite fruits and vegetables for treat that? I am happy to hear you won that battle.
Comment by Jnv94k
December 06, 2013
God bless you. Stay strong and keep your faith
Comment by Squirrel
November 24, 2013
Bravo to both your husband and to you!!!! Stay strong and keep up the fight. Peace
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