Sugar - Not So Sweet

Sugar - Not So Sweet

I am pretty sure that my sugar addiction began the moment I was born because I cannot remember a day that didn’t go by when I didn’t have a sugar craving. When I was growing up, people were not as informed and concerned over what and how much we ate of anything. For 48 years, I consumed sugar on a daily basis. It never occurred to me that sugar could cause so many health issues. On the rare occasion when I would decide to avoid eating sugar in order to keep my weight down, it was impossible because I worked in large office where a birthday was celebrated at least once a week. As we all know, it is hard to say “no” to a piece of birthday cake. If it wasn’t the cake, I stopped at every desk with a candy jar.

Well, my eating habits caught up with me in my mid-forties and my immune system took a hard hit. I found myself battling diseases that ended in “itis” and then ultimately cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not blaming sugar for every illness I’ve experienced in my life, but certainly it had an effect on my weakened immune system.

Now, we all have the facts on how to live a healthy lifestyle and there’s no excuse for not taking control over our health. I have found that the Nutribullet is a great tool for making the transition into eating healthy and getting away from sugary and processed foods.

When I began using the Nutribullet several months ago, I never imagined that my addiction to refined sugar would end, and end so effortlessly. I started out by piling on the fruits with the highest glycemic counts mixed in with my spinach and kale, but after a week, my drinks began to taste too sweet, even for me. I slowly began decreasing the amount of fruit in my Nutriblasts and began focusing more on trying different vegetables. After two months, my smoothies consisted of mostly vegetables and the boosts, and my cravings for sugar completely disappeared. Something I never thought possible.

It is no longer difficult for me to turn down that piece of cake. It’s not even about will power; I no longer have the desire to consume sugary foods. Thank you Nutribullet for making this transition to better health so easy for me!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by Jmscalzo
March 07, 2015
Sugar is a powerful addiction! I share the same story as you. I am just starting out with the NutriBullet and I hope to be in your situation very soon!
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