Surgery, Recovery, and Kayaking

Surgery, Recovery, and Kayaking

I only had a short time to get foot surgery and to recover from it. I did a bunch of research to see what I could do to promote a faster recovery and I came across the NutriBullet. It fit exactly into the nutrition lifestyle I was looking for and I bought it on the spot.

After the surgery, I followed the plan in the book. I was really impressed by the fact that all the NutriBullet seems to promote is healthy eating with whole foods. I followed it religiously.

I thought it was working, but I didn't realize how well my recovery was going until I went to the doctor for a follow-up. The whole office came in and they were blown away by the fact that my foot had healed so much in two weeks.

In the beginning, they thought it was funny that I was going to kickstart my healing process with nutrition and that I was going to use something I saw on late night TV to do it. However, after I left my check-up, all the nurses were believers.

It's no-nonsense, straight to the point, and that’s what I really like it about it. I said to the doctor, "Am I going to be able to go kayaking, because I have to go to Mexico for a shoot," and he said, "If you keep going at this rate, you’ve got maybe another two weeks, I’ve never seen progress like this..."

My wife was making smoothies everyday; she would leave for work in the morning and the NutriBullet cup would be there for me. I use the NutriBullet everyday now.

Obviously, I want to be kayaking and I really credit the NutriBullet with the fact that I’m going to be paddling by the end of December.

Thanks, NutriBullet!

-Mike M.

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