Taking on Menopause

Taking on Menopause

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom lived a 48-year-old woman named Kim. She lived in a small suburban town in Southern California with her husband, two children, dog, and cat. She always prided herself on her ability to multi-task; getting the kids ready for school, making breakfasts and lunches for day, throwing in a load of laundry—all while tuning into a corporate conference call. All was well in “Multi-Tasking Land” until one day, about three years ago, things started to go awry. She began to slow down and loose her pep. From hot flashes to fatigue, to sleepless nights, she figured this was the hand mortality had dealt her. Just when she thought all was lost, she found her champion – the NutriBullet.

Hi, I’m Kim. My fairytale story is actually a reality and the NutriBullet really did save the day. I was a middle-aged working mother of two with an incredibly busy lifestyle. My stamina started to wean. I was worn out by mid-afternoon and was in desperate need of a late day cup of java. This got me through the second half of the day but rarely through the evening. After dishes were done and the kids were in bed, I was utterly exhausted. To add salt to my wounds, my doctor told me I was at the premenopausal age, hormonally imbalanced, and needed go on hormone replacements to counteract the hot flashes. (FYI – there are not enough hormones in the world that could stop my body from microwaving at night.) So, to put it bluntly – I was miserable.

My journey began when I answered an ad for an infomercial. I thought it would be a lot fun and I would potentially get free stuff. Little did I know how much of a life changer it would be. The adviser from NutriBullet started explaining how an influx of raw produce, vegan protein and reduced intake of breads and starches could change the way you feel. It could help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, AND make you a happier person. Sure... It sounded like a lot of hogwash and too good to be true. What did she know? I thought. I did not have any of these issues, but hey, I had nothing to lose. And besides, I would get a free NutriBullet.

When it comes to breakfast, I am not the biggest fan. However, it was surprisingly easy to put together a morning NutriBlast. I used a variety of different fruits and veggies daily. Plus, I included a handful of protein boosters, such as hemp seed and raw nuts. I turned on the NutriBullet for about 30 seconds and Voila! instant NutriBlast. It was love at first taste.

After about a week of my morning NutriBlasts I started to notice some big changes. First, I had more energy in me to take on the daily grind. I figured this was because of the influx of the natural vitamins, not to mention all the extra fiber. Secondly, I stopped getting hot flashes. As a result, I started sleeping better. Within two weeks I felt more rested and energized than I have in years. The best part, I checked with my doctor and stopped taking my hormone replacement pills.

Turns out the advisor was right. Since I started drinking NutriBlasts, not only do I feel better and more balanced, but my disposition is sunnier - just ask my kids. Moreover, I have started paying closer attention to my daily diet. NutriBullet was my savior, my light in the darkness. NutriBullet has turned me into a NutriBeliever!

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February 15, 2015
What blast did you make for menopause
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