Taking on Osteoarthritis

Taking on Osteoarthritis

I am so happy with the NutriBullet.

I began a fresh fruit cleanse in February 2012, and I was still using the Jack Lalanne juicer faithfully. I didn’t mind the mess with the extracted pulp. I began this cleanse because the doctor took x-rays of both my knees and diagnosed me with osteoarthritis.

I was in a lot of pain, and I had a “bakers cyst” on the back of my right knee. The doctor said this was permanent and I would need to take anti-inflammatory medication. He did say, though, that this kind of arthritis is good because it’s the kind where you have to keep moving and remain active.

So I then looked into what fruits help with inflammation; I learned about superfoods and fruits that are great for inflammation like pineapples, cherries, and strawberries, and added superfoods like hemp seeds, raw cacao, chia seeds, and spirulina. They make great juices in the NutriBullet (not all together), so I tried using the fruit instead of anti-inflammatory medication for just one month faithfully and used the NutriBullet in the morning for juice. Then, the miracle happened: the “bakers cyst” I had in the back of my knee was absolutely gone, and the pain in my knee? Gone, too.

So I continue using the NutriBullet ever since. It has been five months now, and I feel more energetic, more positive about life, and happier. My hair is shiny and lustrous, and I have ten long, natural, beautiful nails. People ask me if they’re my real nails, and then I start my story about how the NutriBullet saved my life. I will never take an over the counter medication or prescription ever again. Thank you NutriBullet, and goodbye Jack Lalanne! You were good, but I found something far more sustainable.

Thanks a million!

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Comment by DarDanPete
August 11, 2013
Do you have any recipes of what you drank for that month my mother in law has the same problem as you do and she has Fibromyalgia and she wants to stop taking medication any help would be amazing, her e-mail is daria.tkaczuk@sympatico.ca Thank you and congratulations on your recovery
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Comment by yady
May 08, 2013
I also have osteoarthritis but on my hands. Please tell me what juice work for you so I can try it as well. Thank you!
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