Team NutriBullet Member Jasmin Shares Her Story

Team NutriBullet Member Jasmin Shares Her Story

Jasmin joined Team NutriBullet hoping to better her health and what has happened since has changed her life.

Check out Jasmin’s story here and let us know: why do you NutriBlast?

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Comment by bmarge
August 03, 2014
Your story has been such an encouragement. God bless you. You are such an inspiration!
Comment by Sj
July 07, 2014
Your story is so inspirational! I'm trying to get my family to use the NutriBullet and have been success in getting my Aunt to purchase one. I want to began a small workout group & would like to purchase the Team NutriBullet shirts that you're wearing. Are they available for sale?
Your story is so inspiring, keep up the good work!
YOU GO GIRL! KEEP GOING! Never, never, never give up!!
Comment by Marleen
March 27, 2014
I am so proud of you to take the initiative to improve your health for family but most important is for yourself.
Comment by BIGCUZA
March 25, 2014
Wow that's awesome Jasmin keep up the good work god is blessing you all the way.
Comment by floresro
March 25, 2014
Way to Go Jasmin, keep up the GREAT JOB!!!
Comment by Janella
March 15, 2014
Very encouraging, keep it up Jasmin you will do I!
Comment by jimii2
March 13, 2014
Very encouraging and a Healthy Body will benefit you a Lifetime!
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