The 180 Cleanse: First Day Jitters

The 180 Cleanse: First Day Jitters

I hope you are as excited as we are for these next five days! For our third annual New Year’s NutriBullet Cleanse, we’ve incorporated your feedback from the previous years to make this one the best Cleanse ever.

The 180 Cleanse is a five day fresh start that'll have you looking and feeling your best; a jumpstart to turning your unhealthy dietary habits into more nutritious choices.

Day one may seem daunting, but with support from others on the same journey, it’s easier to make it through. Have any questions or concerns? Let us know on our Facebook page and get feedback from fellow cleansers.

It’s totally normal and understandable to be a little intimidated by a cleanse; changing longstanding habits always poses a bit of a challenge. Are there any particular concerns you have? Are you worried you'll be hungry? Moody? Are you worried you’ll miss your morning coffee or afternoon chocolate nibble?

Naming exactly what intimidates us can heighten our awareness and sharing with others gives us a sense of community!

Hopefully you had a chance to stock up on all of the fresh produce and healthful foods over the weekend and possibly whipped up a few of the recipes to help save time during the week.

Good Luck Cleansers!

Check back in tomorrow for more fun and don't forget to join the party over on Facebook.

Let us know how you’re feeling and your health goals for this New Year.


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