Top 10 Blasts For Better Health

Top 10 Blasts For Better Health

Let us guide you to better health! From detox recipes after a crazy night out to energy boosters for that morning pick-me-up, we've got the Top 10 Healthiest Blast Recipes ready when you need them!

What's your favorite?

1. Morning Energy Blast

If you need energy, but dont want to consume copius amounts of caffeine, this Blast is for you! Delicious, antioxidant-rich and all natural cacao combines with peanut butter and banana, a classic mix that'll leave you feeling sweet and energized - with no added sugars, caffeine, or preservatives. Cheers to that!

2. Green Fever

So simple and yet so good for you! This quick and easy recipe is light, fresh and still sweet thanks to the vitamin-rich banana - a must for those looking to lose weight and increase their metabolism!

3. Kidney Detox Blast

Eliminate toxins and keep hydrated with this green detox-boosting machine! With ingredients that help clean out your kidneys and promote healthy liver function, you'll be helping your body ward off cancer while sipping a tasty, refreshing beverage. Yum!

4. Pink Detox Blast

This Blast's beautiful color isn't the only amazing thing about it! With cleansing properties and heart-healthy avocado, this Blast is one of our highest rated recipes - a favorite among NutriBlast pros!

5. Kale Ginger Detox Blast

Deliciously sweet and deceptively healthy, this detox Blast powers up your immune system, pumping you up with all natural antioxidants. The ginger also helps calm your stomach nerves, easing digestion and alieving nausea, a win-win this time of year!

6. Pineapple Detox Blast

Detox your socks off! It seems everyone's looking to detox nowadays, and with the upcoming holidays, that means food and drinks for days! Take a break from it all with this healthy and refreshing Blast, a tropical tasting blend of summer and health - just what your body needs!

7. Banana Kale Bonanza

All natural ingredients that will help boost your metabolism? This Blast has got what you're looking for! With sweet banana and low-glycemic berries, tons of fiber and a fat-burning boost, this Blast will help put away the pounds while satisfying your cravings for something sweet!

8. Creamsicle Dream

Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck would drive by? No more need to imagine, this Blast brings that memory back to reality! With immune-boosting orange and inflammation-relieving pineapple, drinking dessert has never been so good for you.

9. Garden Party

Get your garden party started with this veggie delight! A bright green drink to help fortify your immune system, strengthen the health of your heart and take your metabolism to the next level, this drink will be gone in a matter of seconds - trust us.

10. Banana Mango Turmeric Blast

Perfect for new Blasters, this recipe is sweet, but still packed with antioxidant goodness! Turmericis a known immunity-booster and also contains cancer-fighting properties. Mango helps fight macular degeneration and is high in fiber, improving digestion and increasing satiety. Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think!

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Comment by bcotto50
February 01, 2015
I drink the Nutrabullet Broccoli Blast and it lowers my blood sugar naturally. It really works.
I want to do all ten top blast. How do I know when and how much or how often. After the blast, what is a normal regimen? To address each of my issues, or should I address one at a time? I saw a cleanse with a shopping list, then was unable to locate it, does anyone know what I am talking about?
Reply by Bonnie59
October 06, 2015 Any chance this is what you are trying to find?
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