Top 8 Holiday NutriBlast Smoothie Recipes

Top 8 Holiday NutriBlast Smoothie Recipes

The holiday season is upon us! For many, that means heavy food, minimal physical activity and an insatiable sweet tooth. But it doesn't have to be this way! Dessert can be healthy and full of natural, whole foods that help satisfy your cravings, while keeping you light as a feather and happy as a clam.

Don't believe us? Give these healthy NutriBlast smoothies a try! One for every occasion, you're sure to find one that will hit the spot no matter what mood you're in. They're perfect as a sweet, seasonal breakfast, or you can halve the recipe to create a delicious, afternoon or evening dessert.


1. Candy Cane Lane

Creamy, luscious and absolutely georgeous! This Blast is perfectly sweet, with a cool peppermint rush from all natural peppermint extract and an added protein boost that'll taste just like a winter candy cane.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Don't waste your time on an overpriced drink packed with syrups, powders and unnatural food substitutions. This latte is simple to make, warm and sweet, and healthy to boot.

3. Fall Cinnamon Apple Blast

Fiber-rich and full of fall spices, this Blast will spread holiday cheer through the air. Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla combine in a medley of good health and cheer - just what you need this season.

4. Warm Gingerbread Blast

Craving a warm, gingerbread cookie? Don't head for the cupboard just yet! Try this recipe instead that uses organic, all natural, raw honey along with lemon for a tangy, sweet kick with the perfect amount of spice.

5. Apple Pie Blast

There isn't anything better than the smell of fresh apple pie cooling on the window sill... Well, there is, actually! Make our version of a delicious apple pie in a sweet NutriBlast that retains all the flavor and vitamin C, B, fiber and phytonutrients your body is craving.

6. Chocolate Detox Blast

Fuel your body the right way this holiday season with antioxidant-rich cacao (chocolate in its purest form), fresh, tasty mint and low glycemic berries, all in a decadent drink that won't weigh you down. We can drink to that!

7. Peppermint Mocha

Winter might bring cold weather, but it also brings hot drinks! Try this Blast recipe warm, better than your local barista could make and just as convenient.

8. New Year's Detox Blast

When the holidays are over, you'll need a reset. This holiday recovery Blast brings you fresh, leafy greens, hydrating cucumber and digestion-calming ginger, making it easier to get over the holiday slump and back in control!

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