Transitioning to a Healthier Diet

Transitioning to a Healthier Diet

I think that most people who make the decision to start living a healthier lifestyle go through a certain period of transition because, let’s face it; it isn’t that easy to break old habits overnight. What I and my friends and family have appreciated is how we have been able to start fresh by making easy, minimal changes in our diets and experiencing tangible and lasting results.

My immediate goal was to build my strength up after a really tough year of battling cancer. The surgeries and treatments took their toll on my body. The last thing that I wanted to do was to deprive myself of the foods that I enjoyed the most. Well, those foods happen to be listed on every “worst foods to consume” list in the world. Instead of eliminating these foods, I began using the NutriBullet and adding fruits, vegetables and raw nuts into my diet. Almost immediately, I began to feel stronger and more energetic.

As time went on and with regular use of my NutriBullet to consume nutritious foods, my desire for red meat, sugar and foods high in the bad fat category began to subside. My diet started to transition into something that I never imagined possible: clean eating! Why? Because I experienced an amazing change in my health. I began this process as a weak cancer patient who became stronger every day just by adding the NutriBullet to my daily routine to consume healthier foods. With my results, all I wanted to do was get stronger and I had the right tool to help me accomplish my goal. My friends and family who observed my quick recovery from cancer could not wait to begin their transition to a healthier lifestyle.

As my strength increased, I was able to begin and get through a regular workout routine. I feel at this point that I am at the strongest and healthiest weight in my life.

Starting out by making some minor nutritional swaps and then adding certain foods to our diets allows for an easy transition and much more attainable goals. I want to share with anyone who will listen and is concerned over eliminating the foods that they enjoy - give this method a shot. It’s a slow process, but the positive outcomes are endless and long lasting.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by sueden
August 10, 2014
I hope I am not the only one,but I have been using the nutribullet for about a year now,and have one each day,I try all sorts of the recipes,but there's not many that I really enjoy,I suppose at my age 66 it a bit late to change the habits of a lifetime,unfortunately I have a sweet tooth and can't get into the all veg ones,I know it must be doing me good(and my husband 72) but most post say how enjoyable they are,but I have yet to get that feeling.I will keep going.
Comment by AstaBlue
August 10, 2014
Thank you for this article!! I can really relate to this!! I purchased my Nutribullet about six months ago, while I was recovering from a life-threatening illness. I was bedridden and in extreme pain. I was scared because I knew my medical doctors had done all they could do to help. Then I saw David demonstrating the Nutribullet on late-night TV. He said, "one Nutriblast a day, that's all I ask." I thought "I can do that. I have nothing to lose at this point." The morning after I drank my first Nutriblast, I noticed my pain wasn't as severe. It gave me incentive to keep going. I drank one Blast a day, but didn't change my diet otherwise. After a couple of weeks, I started to crave healthy foods! I didn't want to eat junk any more! It was like a flip had been switched in my brain. I started to make more small everyday changes, and the results have added up. Though I still have a long way to go, I am well on my way. I am almost pain-free and I am back to work. I have rid my fridge and cabinets of unhealthy foods and stocked up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains. I have joined an exercise class. And I have been losing weight! I would like to say to anyone out there who is thinking about improving their health, take the first step, like I did when I started with just one Nutriblast a day. I immediately felt better, and good things started to fall into place almost effortlessly!
Comment by Kim Carroll
February 23, 2014
Started using NutriBullet 5 weeks ago! Feel great - eating more veggies then ever before. I need to loose 50 lbs and I'm hoping this is the key to a new lifestyle.
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