UK Paralympic Athlete Recovers with the NutriBullet

UK Paralympic Athlete Recovers with the NutriBullet

I wanted to share my story with you guys, as this little machine has been in my corner for some time now and lots of people around me are into them, as well.

I was diagnosed in 2010 with a very rare spinal tumour and had it removed, leaving me with a stroke and paralysis from the neck down, two years before London 2012, where I competed in the Paralympic Games.

I made it onto the start line in London to leave with a Gold medal in the mixed coxed four competition in Rowing, but unfortunately, I was re-diagnosed in July 2014 and have just gone through more major surgery. I've had to learn entirely how to walk again.

The difference this time is that I have been Blasting and my recovery has been unreal. I am months ahead of where I was the last time and hoping to be on a bike racing in Rio 2016 in two years for more medals!

I started a plant-based lifestyle one year ago and using the NuriBullet is one of the foundations of this lifestyle. It is the perfect travel accessory in training camps. I believe 100 percent that this approach is the main reason for my fast recovery from surgery this time around and would love to spread the word about how amazing this machine is and the impact it has had in my life.

-David S.

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Comment by bpauley69
February 28, 2015
I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year but worst of all I'm a diabetic and struggling to lose weight and reduce the amount of medications I am taking could anyone help me
Comment by lolojess234
December 28, 2014
I can't wait! I had already bought some things at the store that I'm going to start a little early, let's just say I need to start a little early just to get the ball rolling...
Reply by cotehome
May 09, 2015
Just be careful to use organics! strawberries are one of the worst crops for this, Pesticides are responsible for too many diseases. Heal with organics and your bullet!!
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