Want to Lose Weight? Embrace Variety!

Want to Lose Weight? Embrace Variety!

In our fast food culture, it’s hard to step back and realize what we’re putting into our bodies. I know I had a very successful year-and-a-half where I basically removed myself from the “real world” and focused on eating and creating a lifestyle that was as pure as possible.

I wasn’t eating processed foods. I wasn’t eating anything with high carbohydrates. I was exercising almost every day. I was taking natural supplements to help maximize my body’s nutrients. And I lost 240 pounds.

I had decided to live my life with restrictions and I definitely saw the results and reaped the benefits of living that way, but I also had the realization that I did not want to live that way for the rest of my life.

I want to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, whether it’s the sweetness of a crisp apple or just going out to a nice restaurant and not having to worry about finding something I can eat.

The main thing I would tell people who are looking to lose weight and get healthy, from my perspective now, is that you really need to embrace food with open arms so you don’t end up fearing it. If you create a list of “No’s,” then you’re closing yourself off to your numerous options. If something isn’t an absolute “Yes” or “No” on your list, you’ll find yourself standing in the grocery store, wondering if a fresh peach is good for you.

The value of a product like the Nutribullet is that it embraces variety. You can put in anything that looks fresh and good to you, and you can blast it together – and it will break down your food and release that food’s maximum flavor and nutrients so that you can enjoy what you’re eating, and know that you’re getting the best stuff from it as well!

When people think about “diets,” they tend to think about things that they’ll be have to “lose” in order to “win” in their weight loss. It doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war. You may take two steps forward and one step back. But you’re still one step ahead.

The beauty of being human is that we’ve got an appetite for knowledge. Learn more about your food choices so that when you go into a grocery store, you’re making an educated choice about what you want to eat and what value it has for you and your body!

Comment by thecatdp
February 22, 2013
Hi Gabe, WOW what an awesome transformation....congrats!!! SO, can you share a few tips for someone trying to lose weight?? Did you drink the nutribullet stuff for each meal?? how did you do it??? I have been using my nutribullet but I don"t do it everyday and when I do I only do it for breakfast...so any advice you can give as to how you do it would be great.
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