What is Nutrition Extraction?

What is Nutrition Extraction?

Nutrition extraction is the process of breaking foods down to the point where they are essentially predigested, making it much easier for the body to absorb the wealth of nutrition locked inside of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

In our busy world, we often don’t take the time to eat healthfully or properly chew what we eat. These tendencies make extra work for our digestive system as it attempts to absorb nutrients from poorly chewed and nutritionally void food. Over time, this stress reduces the strength of digestive enzymes. These depleted enzymes, coupled with the weakened stomach acids that come with age, result in a digestive system that cannot break foods down enough to access and utilize the vital nutrition inside. When our body fails to absorb these nutrients day after day, week after week, we become weaker and weaker and more vulnerable to sickness and chronic disease.

Supplements may offer some relief to this issue of nutrient deficiency, but our bodies are not conditioned to process nutrients delivered by non-food sources. While they may be useful to a certain extent, supplements are by no means a substitution for proper nutrition because the human body is designed to acquire nutrients from whole, unprocessed foods.

Even when we eat healthfully, our bodies do not feel the benefits of this healthful food if it cannot break foods down enough to absorb their nutrients. The most reliable way to ensure our bodies get the nourishment they need is through NUTRITION EXTRACTION. When fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are broken down to their most digestible form before they are consumed, the digestive system can easily absorb the best they have to offer.

Fortunately, the NutriBullet’s 600-Watt motor and cyclonic action pulverizes food before you even drink it, extracting all of the nutritional content your fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other healthful treats have to offer! The NutriBullet and its powers of nutrition extraction are your tickets to powerful nourishment!

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