When Eggs Aren't an Option

When Eggs Aren't an Option

It’s official: NutriBullet is a godsend! Recently, I found out I have a bad case of acid reflux. It’s turned my life topsy turvy, upside down -- especially when it comes to my diet. The day I found out about this peculiar, but common ailment, I was given a list of foods I can and can’t eat. One of the more interesting foods on the “Do Not Eat” list? Eggs. Apparently eggs can cause some major mucus action to occur, which is what annoyed me the most about the whole thing (runny nose, begone!) and caused me to go see a doctor.

This is where NutriBullet becomes the hero. Because I can’t have eggs in the morning, I’m pretty much cornered into my smoothies. I’m grateful these drink concoctions are good, because without them I’d be a sad, grouchy morning person. Smoothies are perfect. I look at the list of good foods that help and I throw them into the Bullet. It helps to keep me in control of all of it. I seriously can’t imagine what my life and diet would be like without it now. Eggs ARE breakfast, dang it! That is, unless you can make mean breakfast smoothies in which delicious coconut oil and cashew protein powder can make an appearance. Which I can totally do.

I’m not sure for how long I’ll have to follow this persnickety diet, but at least I know I still have great options to keep me from going hungry!

The 'Okay to Eat' and 'Do Not Eat' lists of foods for each person with acid reflux can vary greatly, but there are a few common culprits when it comes to the cause of acid reflux.

If you've got acid reflux, try eliminating these guys to see if your troubles subside:

  • chocolate
  • soda
  • citrus fruits
  • fried food
  • alcohol
  • high-fat dairy
  • high-fat meats
  • spicy foods
  • onion
  • garlic
  • caffeine

Keep in mind: when consuming a large meal, wait until it has been properly digested (ideally 3 hours) before you lie down.

How do you help relieve the reflux? Focus on foods high in potassium (banana, sweet potatoes, and grains like quinoa, oats, millet and amaranth) as well as greens (broccoli, celery, parsley).

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Thanks Tish, I am greatly suffering with reflux. Many fruits and vegetables are on the NO list. Can you recommend your favorite blast?
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