When Should I Drink My NutriBlast?

When Should I Drink My NutriBlast?

People often ask what the best time of day is to drink their NutriBlast. I would have to say that the best answer depends on your goals and your schedule. For those individuals who are in a whirlwind rush in the mornings, but want to start their day giving their metabolism a boost, having a NutriBlast first thing in the morning is probably a great idea, especially with a little squeeze of lemon!

I'm involved in cancer support groups where it's known that diet and nutrition are crucial to not only getting through treatment, but to survival! The best time of the day to drink a Blast for people undergoing cancer treatment is whenever they feel like it and how ever much they want of it. For many of my friends who have or have gone through a serious illness and treatment, they find it very comforting to have the NutriBullet as a resource for easy-to-consume nutrition at any time of day.

When my schedule is crazy, I find that using the NutriBullet actually saves me time. Within 5 minutes, I am in NutriBlast bliss and ready to tackle what comes next in my day. There is no set schedule, though. I do usually have one mid-morning and I admit to making the occasional dessert NutriBlast later in the day. This usually contains either cacao nibs and apple or coconut water, mango, almonds and banana.

I know of some people who actually purchased the NutriBullet just to prepare for a specific procedure and then became a huge fan. I know that it was perfect timing for me when I first received my NutriBullet. Not only had I just completed cancer treatment, but I had to go in for yet another operation on my throat and was not able to eat solid food for 10 days. I did not have to rely on popsicles and sugar filled smoothies from the store. I got to enjoy nutritious meals every day. I never felt hungry or deprived during this time.

So the perfect time of day to enjoy your NutriBlast is up to you and your needs. Be willing to adjust depending upon your schedule. If you didn’t get a chance to have it in the morning, don’t put it off until the next day - there is always a time in the day to enjoy the benefits of a NutriBlast.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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