Why Am I So Overweight?

Why Am I So Overweight?

Why Am I So Fat?

In May 2011, I weighed 435 pounds, and I was not happy. The key word in that sentence is 'and.' I have been overweight since the second grade, but I always had a positive outlook to what I could achieve in life.

I found myself in a situation where, for the first time in my life, I had lost my balance. For a lot of people, balance is key to everything, especially happiness. My happiness was the only thing holding me above water, because for me, it was stronger than my weight.

In the year leading up to my weight loss, I gained 35 pounds and started to see severe limitations. I could not give 100%, physically or mentally, to any task, anyone or anything. I would sleep until the last moment, not caring about grooming or hygiene, filling up on fast food for every meal, until my car looked like an overfilled dumpster. I was living in filth. I was fat, sloppy, and disrespectful to myself.

The Turning Point

That’s when I told myself that I needed to make a change. I didn’t tell myself that I needed to lose “this many pounds.” All I wanted was something different, something new. So I took action. The first thing I did was quit my job. The hours were late into the evenings, and I never had a normal weekend off. I was losing touch with my family and my friends, and I was thoroughly unhappy.

In my first day of job hunting, I found a listing for a personal trainer and nutrition specialist who was seeking someone to help with video content that had over 100 pounds to lose. I responded immediately, got the interview, and the rest is history.

I told myself that I had to seize this opportunity and make the most of it, because I had no idea how long it would last. With the tools provided to me, I basically cut all of my vices out completely. Cold turkey. No soda or coffee. No microwave. No processed foods. I was eating healthier than I had ever known. And what I didn’t expect was how great I would feel without all of those things.

Then and Now

My relationship with food was an abusive one, and I have since become very conscious and in-tune with my body. I listen to myself, knowing that I can control what goes into my body, and that no one else can pressure me. I have become stronger, and have found success in ways that I had never even imagined.

I always start my day with a green smoothie, and it gives me the energy boost I need to get out the door every morning. I have found that shakes are a very convenient way to give my body the nutrients it needs, and the Magic Bullet’s portability has saved me in many occasions. I can stick a few shakes in my satchel and get myself through the day, in between meals. I never knew how helpful a product could be to keep my lifestyle in check, but it really has!

Over the course of my journey, I have been documenting my successes. Since last year, I have lost 240 pounds and counting. I moved to Los Angeles to be a filmmaker, and this documentary has given me purpose and motivated my continued success. I have been talking to people about weight in hopes to come to a true and honest balance about health in my life, and I feel blessed because of it.

Gabe Evans is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. He is documenting his own weight loss journey and sharing his research in his upcoming film Why Am I So Fat? To learn more about Gabe and his film, check out whyamisofatmovie.com.

Comment by lala2
April 04, 2013
how many colories is the sweet springtime..? thank you...
Comment by lala2
April 04, 2013
how many calories in the spring smoothie...? thank you
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