Why is America so Obese?

Why is America so Obese?

Why do you think we have such a high prevalence of poor health and obesity in America? People are getting sick and acquiring disease at a younger and younger age, younger than ever before. Obesity related diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and more, are too common and there seems to be no end in sight.

It should be our goal to help families begin to understand the need for a shift to a healthy lifestyle so they and their children can enjoy a long healthy life.

According to statics from http://www.americashealthrankings.org from 2009, the southern states and, in particular the southeastern states, made up the cellar in health rankings across all states. In fact, 7 of the 10 unhealthiest states are made up of southeastern states. This same organization estimates that the prevalence of obesity in the United States will increase from the current level of 31.30% obese to 42.80% obese by 2018. It's easy to see where the rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers are headed. All of these negative health conditions are preventable, even if you're genetically predisposed to them. Lifestyle behavior will trump genetics almost 100% of the time. Take a look at these shocking health figures.



The current health trends in this country show a decrease in health and wellness across a broad spectrum of health categories. Our health care system is seeing increasing rates of serious adult diseases and health conditions occurring in America’s youth. We have children under 12 years of age developing high cholesterol, type II diabetes and hypertension. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their policy to recommend that children between the ages of two and ten are screened for high cholesterol if they or their family members are overweight or have experienced high lipid profiles. This has to stop.

Young adults are developing degenerative disease earlier than ever. America’s adults, in general have higher rates of heart and cardiovascular disease than most industrialized nations. Obesity is growing and diabetes is now reaching epidemic rates.

This demands and calls for an urgent paradigm shift in our culture. We must become active in our lifestyle and involved in the process of managing dietary needs for ourselves and our families. If you're African-American or Hispanic, you should be even more alarmed; the rates of obesity and its related diseases and illnesses are higher for you.

We must change how we live. It has to start today. Every mother and father should make sure you are feeding your children healthy foods and providing them the opportunity for an active lifestyle. Please join us in our efforts to change the landscape of America’s health. Every journey begins with one step. Please take yours today and lets walk together on the journey to a healthy and vibrant life.

The Unhealthiest 14 States

Florida 36

North Carolina 37

Missouri 38

Texas 39

Arkansas 40

Kentucky 41

West Virginia 42

Georgia 43

Tennessee 44

Nevada 45

South Carolina 46

Louisiana 47

Alabama 48

Oklahoma 49

Mississippi 50

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