Why Blasting is Better than Juicing

We normally don't pick sides when it comes to the juicing versus blending debate; juicing is a solid choice that serves a different purpose than blending does (or extracting, in our case!) But when it comes to consuming store-bought fruit juice, we're as clear as day: that's a huge no-no!

And, beside the preservative and sugar-ladden reasons why you shouldn't drink it, new studies show that you lose more than just fiber when you juice.

Find out what Dr. Michael Greger of NutritionFacts.org has to say about juicing in this week's nutrition video.

Comment by sygun
February 02, 2015
Both freshly made juices using the Omega juicer which ensures ALL the goodness is released in the juice and blending your smoothies with whole fruits and veggies are compatible for optimum health .... Alternating them is the best ... I often use juice in my shakes blenging
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