Why Blogging About Illness Can Help You Feel Better

Why Blogging About Illness Can Help You Feel Better

The information shared on social media websites likes Tumblr and Facebook can seem extreme sometimes - extremely personal. But, as it turns out, sharing personal health information when you're sick or suffering from a life-threatening illness can actually be beneficial for you and your overall health.

"As more people tell their story of dying with a terminal illness, we're seeing a change in how we look at illness and mortality," Christian Sinclair, a national hospice medical director told NPR's health blog Shots. "Illness and death are still so technically driven, or medicalized. So getting a safe space, like a blog or social media, to talk about it can be very empowering."

From riveting stories on websites like NPR, to video blogs on YouTube documenting various health journeys, blogging about health can be not only therapeutic for the blogger, but inspiring for the reader. It can ultimately lead to a collection of thoughts, memories, feelings and stories never actually shared out loud with love ones.

It also comes as a sign of the times. Loved ones miles away can communicate in real time with you, recording and uploading conversations to share with you and the rest of the world, something not possible until just over a decade ago. Voices are heard in today's wireless world like never before, making our global society feel much smaller and localized.

Would you be willing to share your story during illness?

Check out our numerous forums; Shari Pack's Cancer Support forum is a fascinating community of retrospect and support, and then let us know, how do you feel about sharing such personal information?

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