Why Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?

Our bodies are very good to us; even if you aren’t particularly healthy, your body does a great job of ridding itself of dangerous toxins, regenerating broken and dying tissues, keeping your heart beating and your brain thinking. But, in this ever complicated process of keeping you alive and well, the body also accumulates foreign substances and chemicals that counteract all the good it’s trying to do – especially if you consume prepackaged, processed, high sugar junk foods.

So why cleanse? Think of it as Spring Cleaning for your body! Your body needs extra help getting rid of all those harmful toxins ingested on a daily basis, just like your house might need an occasional clearing out. Get rid of some boxes, reorganize some furniture, sweep and mop and once your house is sparkling, you feel light and unencumbered!

By simply using the whole, natural foods that the planet gave us, we can help optimize the internal systems that detox our bodies in the same way. Some cleanses are extreme (you may have heard of the Lemon Detox Diet…?) but such extreme detoxes can put more strain on your body and send you into starvation mode. Instead, we give you our NutriLiving Spring Cleanse, which uses a combination of delicious, whole food NutriBlasts, stretches that will help improve digestion and a soaking Epsom salt bath that will help you safely detox and have you feeling light as air.

Now, if only cleaning your house were so simple!

Check in on Sunday, April 28th for the full 3-day Cleanse and keep track of the latest information in our 3 Day Spring Cleanse forum.

Good luck!

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NutriLiving Krista Haynes on January 15, 2015
Each cleanse varies...the one we lead on Jan. 5th was a 5-day cleanse.
Can't pull up the recipe list. It says page expired.
Are you going to give the recipes for the Cleanse? If so, where do I find them?
Comment by bjm8898
April 26, 2013
Great idea! Question...where does one find fresh turmeric?
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