Why Do Men Eat Less Fruits and Veggies?

Why Do Men Eat Less Fruits and Veggies?

You may have noticed from personal experience that men tend to eat less fruits and vegetables than women do. Whether you’re a guy who hates broccoli or your dad or husband leaves peas on the side of his plate, studies have shown that you’re not alone; men really don’t eat as many fruits and veggies as their female counterparts. The reason why, though, was never quite known until now.

Turns out, men feel they have less control over their diets than women do.

According to a study published online by the journal Appetite, women tend to have stronger confidence in their ability to eat healthy when tired, hungry, or around others eating junk food. They also believe more strongly in the importance of fruits and vegetables when maintaining a healthy diet. Men, on the other hand, aren’t as confident in their ability to eat healthy when at work or sitting in front of the TV.

So, what to do? Research also showed that men might be more likely to eat healthy if given new, more convenient avenues by which to consume their fruits and vegetables.

Cue NutriBullet. What simpler way than by drinking them? Throw your favorite (and not-so-favorite) veggies into your tall cup 5 minutes before the game starts, Blast it, and you’re done. We’ve just created a way for men to drink to their health while feeling confident in their diet will-power. You’re welcome, science.

Read more on the findings in this article from My Healthy News Daily, or click below for the link.


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