Why You Shouldn't Focus on Weight Loss

Why You Shouldn't Focus on Weight Loss

If only, oh, if only I could get my patients to focus on their lab numbers and improving them, their weight would drop without any focus on weight loss at all!

Every single day, I ask each of my patients to hand me their lab results so we can review them together.

As they hand me these results, I ask, “What would you like to accomplish? And, what do you feel is important for your health right now?”

The answer is ALWAYS, "I would like to lose weight. I'll be healthier if I lose weight!"

It never fails, they make no mention of their elevated triglycerides, their reversed cholesterol ratio, their elevated kidney waste levels, reduced kidney filtration rates, elevated liver function tests, hypertension, or elevated Hemoglobin A1C.

It's hard to tell if this is because they haven't been taught to think about these issues or they're taught to think that weight loss will resolve everything.

It's true. Weight loss is important.

However, once my patients learn what these lab numbers mean and how the food they eat can affect them, it's easier to bring about positive change - including change around the waistline.

There is something about the blanket concept of losing weight that just doesn't work. We all know this. The diet industry is a multi-million dollar industry, and, though there's no miracle weight loss program, we all spend money looking for "the cure."

That's why I'm encouraging each of you to take the time and initiative to see your health care professionals and the educators and dietitians they work with, to assist you as you set your health and wellness goals for 2015. These goals are especially important if you have diabetes.

The fact that you're here means you care about your health. With dietitians on staff ready to answer your questions, NutriBullet offers a phenomenal means to conveniently and affordably increase your healthy fruit and vegetable intake.

When looking at triglycerides and cholesterol, the addition of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids becomes the focus in meal planning. Ensuring appropriate intake, along with adequate exercise that meets the individual’s abilities can lead to tremendous changes in these numbers in just a month’s time.

For diabetics and pre-diabetics, lowering your A1C should be top priority. Click here to find out more about your A1C and talk to your physician or diabetes educator about the steps you can take to lower it.

Remember: focus on the lab numbers and the numbers on the scale will follow!

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Comment by Carmel466
January 26, 2015
I agree with this article 100 percent. When I first started my journey to improved health, I focused only on my high blood pressure and didn't weigh for six months. I felt fantastic and many of my ailments disappeared. After I weighed in, for some reason it became about the scale and I struggled. I am now back to focusing on my health and I won't forget why I am doing this. To get off HBP medicine, to keep my cholesterol in the healthy range and to feel better physically and mentally.
Comment by henrywp
January 25, 2015
so what you are saying is that if a person get their body functioning properly eating the proper food, your weight problem would take of itself
Comment by Sandra0524
January 23, 2015
I saved the info you gabe me aftet i filled out the questioneer but can't find it. I just did it 5 minutes go before joining.
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