Who We Are

On August 18, 2013, a new kind of education was born. With rising numbers of obesity, diabetes, and behavioral problems among our youth directly correlated to processed food consumption, it's clear that food habits need to start changing. That's when NutriBullet launched NutriBullet University, a hands-on healthy eating experience that not only teaches kids about the nutrition their bodies need to thrive, but puts that nutrition directly in their hands.

NutriBullet brought in a team of nurses to take health screenings, donated NutriBullet blenders for all participants, provided all produce and materials necessary to run the program and oversaw progress with the help of an on-site registered dietitian. We were ready to transform the way students looked at vegetables, hoping to overhaul the eating habits of an entire generation - one school at a time.

The program's initiation wasn't easy, but our pilot school excelled and we expanded to 5 schools nationwide. At first, kids struggled with the taste of veggie-packed NutriBlasts, but slowly, their palates developed and transformed and they began to crave the fresh, whole foods they once pushed away.

Kale, pomegranate, ginger, chia seeds - foods they'd never even heard of started becoming staples in their diet, thanks to the power and ease of nutrient extraction. Since then, we've seen all kinds of transformations in the physical and mental state of our kids - everything from reductions in weight, bad cholesterol levels, and waist circumferences to increases in energy levels, enthusiasm, and green vegetable intake.

We've been able to help hundreds of students take back their health, and we're only growing. Across the nation, we're changing the perceptions of fruits and vegetables among our youngest generation, helping them genuinely believe in the power of healthy eating.

It all starts with NutriBullet.

Student drinks a NutriBlast with fun-stache
Greens and berries with a bit of cinnamon were a hit at NBU's Kickoff Celebration in Sonoma, Calif.
Students enjoying a NutriBlast in Sonoma
The kids at El Verano Elementary School in Sonoma, Calif. had a Blast on their first day!