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Reached a health milestone? We want to feature YOU on NutriLiving! We are looking for inspirational stories to help bolster and motivate our community. Whether it's losing weight, overcoming illness, becoming active, or finally changing your diet for the better, we want to hear how the knowledge you gained from NutriLiving changed your life!

How To Share

Sharing is easy! Just send your story to us at and we'll review your success story. Here are the guidelines to submitting a story:

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Tell us your story! Be sure to include things like your background, health journey, steps taken, diagnoses, and results.

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A picture tells a thousand words! We love before and afters if applicable. For all the shy people: don't worry the picture doesn't have to be of you. Maybe it's your own recipe, or ingredients.

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Indicate If You Would Like to Share Your Story (or not)

If you would like to be considered for publication on NutriLiving, we need your permission to share! Please indicate somewhere that you are okay with your story being public for all to see.