1 month and fantastic results

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Hello Fellow Nutriblasters My husband and I started using the nutribullet exactly one month ago and we are absolutely amazed by the results! We jumped straight in and decided to do a 21 day challenge - replace two meals twice a day, only use unprocessed foods for the third meal and no alcohol. I did very well but my husband had alcohol during this time. I was really proud of myself because I didn't think it was possible to change my habits. One month on and I have lost a total of 8.4 pounds and my husband 9 pounds. Also we have lost inches all over and everyone keeps commenting on our weight loss.I have worked out everyday while he didn't do much. Men are lucky with weight loss aren't they :) Well I get up 30mins earlier and do the 7min workout and 10mins of hula hoop everyday. I go to the gym and walk for 30mins atleast 5 days per week. We use the typical nutribullet ingredients: 50% veg and 50% fruit, nuts and seeds. For a base we usually use a handful of spinach, handful kale, 1 celery stalk, 1 Banana and sometimes a couple slices beetroot. Then add a couple other fruits, for example a handful berries or a couple peices of apples or pears or melon or nectarine. I'm sure you get the idea :) We top up with and/or oats, nuts, chia or flax or hemp seeds. Oh 1 cup unsweetened Almond milk and finish off to the max line with water. I suggest you use the recipies on here as a guideline but find the right blasts for you by experimenting. I have convinced family members to invest in a nutribullet as it will most certainly change your life for the better. My Dad has been cancer free now for 3 years and he swears by his nutribullet. I just wished I had listened to him earlier and bought one last year! :) Lastly we take our nutriblast with us to work for breakfast. For lunch we have a chicken casserole or a chicken stir-fry with barenaked noodles. For dinner we have a another blast. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to cover everything so I hope it helps motivate someone out there to keep going. Thanks you nutribullet and thank you to everyone posting on here because you have motivated me to keep moving. Happy blasting :) Sue
Thought I would do an update here to track my progress and hopefully inspire someone else. Well my husband and I just completed month 2 and have lost 14lbs each! My husband does not exercise much but I need to in order to see those pounds disappear. We actually got to that weight loss in 7 weeks but due to a number of social events this week we didn't lose anything. I gained 0.22lbs and if I wasn't back on my nutriblasts and exercise I am sure it would have been more. During month 2 I decided to up my game so now my blasts contains 80% veg and 20% fruit. We still did our homemade unprocessed lunches which we took to work and snacked on natural cashew nuts or almonds. We still have a cheat meal at least once or twice during the weekend but still try not to overindulge. My clothes fit better and our friends keep saying how good we look. We are excited about our 3rd month to see what number weight loss awaits. Quick tip if you are knocked back during this journey, don't beat yourself up but pick up yourself and keep going.
That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing Sue.
Thanks so much sssociety! :)

Thought I'd do a quick update as I've reached a milestone.

Due to a lot of travelling and visitors over the past few months, I've been off my two a day nutribullet and continued to have one at breakfast. I am pleased to say that even though I've had a very hectic summer I actually maintained my weight loss from a few months ago. Then in Sep, I decided to get back on board with my 2 a day nutribullet and increased my exercise. I am so pleased to say that I have now lost a total of 20lbs!!!!! I started off at 192 and I am now 172!!! I simply can't believe it. Most of all my clothes are too big but I can now fit into stuff I haven't worn in ages. Don't give up folks because all the little changes DO stack up. :) My goal now is to lose another 8-14lbs before Christmas but I have already told myself if I don't make it not to beat up myself as any weight loss is better than none. I think this is the key to getting that end result - positive mind = positive body.

Good luck to us all on this journey!
Hi Sue. Could you tell me if your NutriBullet had any parts broken after two and a half year?