2 Weeks into Nutribullet

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paulette b.
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Hi Everyone...


I started the Nutribullet system two weeks ago for the following reasons:

  • Strengthen my Immune System
  • Skin (Acne/breakouts problems for the last 6 years)
  • Reduce Inflammation (unofficial diagnosis of R.Arthritis)
  • Digestive issue (Constipation)

My diet, for many years, have mostly been all the wrong stuff.... fried/spicy this or that.... A salad everyday but that one good meal was not enough so I thought it was time for a change.  Especially since there is a possibility that I may have R.Arthritis and the thought of taking meds for the rest of my life seems unacceptable to me.  I thought surely getting the right fruits/veggies would strengthen my immune system, which would subsequently help my skin & the inflammation.  And I really thought the fiber would make a huge difference with my digestive problems. 

I love the idea of being to incorporate fruits & veggies in a single drink/serving.  I would never eat the fruits/veggies that I currently juice, in a day/week.  I absolutely LOVE this Nutribullet and I have finally figured out how to make my smoothies taste good without using artificial sweetners.

When I first started the Nutribullet, I felt soooo good, so motivated, so encouraged even though I didn't see much of a difference with my constipation problems, which I thought would be seen immediately (within 1-3 days).  So, I said well maybe I need to give it some time. Its only been 2 weeks now, and I am very please with the Nutribullet but I still have the digestive problems, my skin has not started to clear up and while my inflammation/joint pains are better I believe this is a result of the turmeric that I take daily and not the juicing.  I recently read a few articles that talked about Green Smoothies (green leafy veggies) not being good for people with Digestive problems.  I'm starting to wonder if there is some truth to this theory.

I realllly want to continue my Nutribullet(ing) because I really believe in it.  I'm thinking I may need to tweek a few fruits/veggies to come up with the right combination opposed to giving up on it. 

My primary Veggie ingredients are Spinach, Kale, Carrots, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Celery, Collard Greens Sweet Potatoe & Cabbage, which I alternate throughout the week.  Primary Fruits are Banana, Apples, Oranges, Lime/Lemon & Pineapples.  I also add Raw Honey and rotate between Flaxseed or Chia Seeds.

I typically have my Smoothie first thing in the morning but recently started adding a second Smoothie in the afternoon.  My initial goal was to replace one meal (breakfast) but since I "felt" so healthy I added another.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about this issue.  I would really appreciate any advise/feedback as I want to continue my journey to healthy living/healthy eating. 


Thanking you in advance

Don't give up pnbaxter! ItDon't give up pnbaxter! It may just take a bit longer to see things change. There may also be some underlying issues that need to be resolved before your body can nourish itself and results are seen. Here are some suggestions that may help. These are only general recommendations so please consult w/ your healthcare provider to make sure they are appropriate for your situation. 1) Be sure you are drinking plenty of water. If you increase your fiber intake without adding more liquids, then it might clog you up even more. The flax and chia are good options. Check out this article for some additional supplement options: http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/getting-things-moving-fiber 2) Leafy greens are harsh on the digestive system for some people. The NutriBullet makes it easier by pulverizing them into tiny particles. However, if you feel that these particular foods are not agreeing with you, then feel free to make substitutions and add other vegetables in its place. You may also wish to use cooked greens which are often easier to digest. 3) Check out this article for some tips on eating for skin beauty! http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/5-tips-becoming-beautylicious Each of us are unique and what may work for one, may not work for another. I often find myself experimenting on myself to find the right mixture of foods, superfoods, supplements, and other lifestyle factors. Also consider things like stress, sleep patterns and quality, meals outside of NutriBlasts, toxins in your environment, potential food sensitivities or allergies, your body's nutritional status, hormones, etc. The NutriBullet is just one part to a whole wellness plan. Stick with it, do some investigating and experimenting, and keep us posted on how you're doing!
For your skin I'd suggest that you add 1/4 avacado to your smoothie. Avacado does wonders for the skin both inside and out.
Congrats on starting a healthier lifestyle. For constipation besides adding more water to your diet I suggest some form of exercise. Check your book for elimination recipies. I also suggest your tweak what you eat outside of the nutriblasts. If you are eating the standard American diet you need to start making small changes each week. Remember it took you years to get where you are at. If you change your diet , blast and exercise, in six weeks you will be a new person. The body is amazing at recovery. Stick with it, check with your dr about your diet and consider what the other poster said about toxins in environment, hormones etc.
Welcome to the forum! We are happy to have you here!